Katrina Pets Being Adopted Early

The ASPCA, HSUS and the State Vet of Lousiana changed the date that animals rescued from Katrina can be adopted from October 16th to December 31st. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

BUT, many shelters have already adopted out these animals, either because they didn't know about the change in the deadline or because they don't care. People who were not in the market to adopt a cat or dog from their local animal shelter prior to August 31 are now agressively 'shopping' , and small purebred dogs are being fought over.

There is still a backlog of photos that haven't even been posted; many people are still without internet access; many former residents of New Orleans have not had their old phone numbers forwarded or changed. There have been many obstacles to reuniting pets with owners.

We all agree that these animals need to get out of the shelter environment, but there are as many willing foster homes as there are people ready to adopt these animals. Many of these animals will be available for adoption as of the beginning of 2006.

Photos of pets that have already been adopted or are up for adoption will be posted here under the title of the shelter where they were taken. If you recognize your pet in any of these posts, please contact the shelter right away and also contact us, here.


All Found Animals Need to be Scanned
for Original Microchips

Many animals were NOT scanned when they entered Lamar Dixon and possibly at some of the other shelters, but most all were chipped upon intake, thus all the animals that were rescued and taken to Lamar Dixon, Best Friends, LaSPCA, Noah’s Wish, LSU (operating at the John Parker Coliseum) and Pasado are now chipped. Both Home Again and AVID donated thousands of microchips to the search and rescue operation. It’s important to scan all animals for an original microchip.

If you have FOUND or are FOSTERING a Katrina pet, please take it to a shelter, clinic, Petco or Petsmart store to have it scanned! We can help you find its owner from the microchip number.

To all volunteers who are helping pet owners search for lost/missing pets: please contact anyone posting a FOUND pet listing on Petfinder, Petharbor, Craigslist, NOLA.com, etc and ask them to have that animal scanned for a chip.

This is an essential part of the process to reunite these animals with their owners.

St. Bernard Parish Lost Pet Database

...is now up and ready to search.

You can enter the number from a rabies tag, license, or microchip to search for the owner’s name and contact information.

If you don’t get a hit, try again in a few days as more data is entered.

St. Bernard Parish rabies tags are all 6 digits, often beginning with a 0.


Did you volunteer at Lamar Dixon?

We are compiling a list of people who volunteered at Lamar Dixon, specifically in the barns or export, to help us in the process of reuniting pets with their owners. Please send an email to noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com and write "Lamar Dixon" in the subject line. Please include your name, phone number, the time zone you're in, the dates you were there and what jobs you did.

We may want to contact you to ask about specific animals that have been "lost in the system" whose owners are actively searching. Please cross-post and email others who were at Lamar Dixon. No Animal Left Behind and Dog Detective are sharing resources to help reunite Katrina pets with their owners. Any information you share will be used for the sole purpose of facilitating this effort.


Do you know of other shelters
doing early adoptions

of Katrina pets?

All shelters, rescue groups and individuals who rescued or took animals from New Orleans or Mississippi have to post photos and information for at least 30 days on www.petfinder.com. These animals can be in foster homes but they cannot be adopted. Many shelters are showing a great deal of understanding and compassion by postponing adoptions for 6 months. We strongly emcourage all shelters to postpone adoption of Katrina pets unil at least January 1, 2006.

Volunteers are needed all over the country to monitor the situation with their local shelters. If the shelter claims to be too busy to take/post photos, offer to do it for them. If a shelter claims that the animals that are being adopted were "owner surrendered" ask to see the paperwork. If you meet with any resistance, please let us know.

Just because a pet was turned over to the LSU-operated shelter at the John Parker Coliseum does not mean it was surrendered: Pet owners in New Orleans were told that they could bring their pets there for safe-keeping when they evacuated. LSU is supposed to have records of all those pets with owner contact information. Before any of those pets are adopted, each and every owner needs to be contacted.