Amanda - shame on you and Muttshack (bumped again)

The following was posted on the Muttshack blog:

ost of you know about the sacrifices made to save the Katrina Animals because many of you made them. MuttShack volunteers willingly made those sacrifices and achieved amazing results - over 3000 animals rescued, cared for and fostered or adopted. As MuttShack's Founder, I was humbled by the amazing talent and dedication of our volunteers. There are no words to convey my gratitude and could never be enough hours or days to thank you all.

I am replying to your very own words, Amanda: you couldn't include that dreaded word REUNITED in your little list of spectacular achievements now could you? Nope, you couldn't mention that BECAUSE YOU DID EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO WORK AGAINST REUNITING THESE 3000 ANIMALS WITH THEIR OWNERS - ALL KATRINA EVACUEES

I personally don't care if you rescued 30 animals or 30,000. You did virtually nothing to find their owners. And you refused to return phone calls to volunteers and owners after you closed up shop and returned to CA. But it is widely known, thanks to former/embarrassed/disgruntled Muttshack volunteers, that they were instructed NOT to write down the rescue addresses. My heart goes out to the owners of those animals who will likely never again see their pets, and never even know if they were rescued. You are committing the worst sin of all - preventing the owners of these pets from having the closure they need and to make peace with this.


Male cocker spaniel kept by young girl

Rescued from New Orleans — 1 year ago

I went back to my house in New Orleans after Katrina (I got into the city before I was supposed to because my daddy is a fire chief) and found a cocker spaniel at my house and he was relatively clean and such a beautiful dog, and my parents let me keep him. and he is one year old and we had him checked out by the vet and he is 100% perfect! so its not exactly from a shelter, but its just as cool!

(btw, his name is Boots!)


Some Winn Dixie dogs (and one cat)

These were sent to me from someone who volunteered at Winn Dixie.

All, none or some may also be on Petfinder; I have not looked.

I don't know where these dogs were sent from Winn Dixie, and I have no other information than what can be seen in the photos.

This JRT mix is wearing a black collar that looks to be nylon mesh. The info on the tag around its neck in the second photo says 127_____. The rest of the writing is illegible.