Do you know of other shelters
doing early adoptions

of Katrina pets?

All shelters, rescue groups and individuals who rescued or took animals from New Orleans or Mississippi have to post photos and information for at least 30 days on www.petfinder.com. These animals can be in foster homes but they cannot be adopted. Many shelters are showing a great deal of understanding and compassion by postponing adoptions for 6 months. We strongly emcourage all shelters to postpone adoption of Katrina pets unil at least January 1, 2006.

Volunteers are needed all over the country to monitor the situation with their local shelters. If the shelter claims to be too busy to take/post photos, offer to do it for them. If a shelter claims that the animals that are being adopted were "owner surrendered" ask to see the paperwork. If you meet with any resistance, please let us know.

Just because a pet was turned over to the LSU-operated shelter at the John Parker Coliseum does not mean it was surrendered: Pet owners in New Orleans were told that they could bring their pets there for safe-keeping when they evacuated. LSU is supposed to have records of all those pets with owner contact information. Before any of those pets are adopted, each and every owner needs to be contacted.


Jamie from Indiana said...

There are quite a few shelters and individuals selling or adopting out Katrina pets already.

1. Go to my blog: http://moreplacestolook.blogspot.com/
Quite a few links listed are selling/adopting Katrina pets (I have details next to all the shelter names)

2. Go to Petfinder and search through their regular database (not the disaster one). Do a nationwide search on available pets named "Katrina", "Rita", "Hurry Cane", "Bayou", "Cajun", "Tyler", "Winn Dixie", "Stormy" and any other names you can think of. A lot of these are Katrina pets (usually specified in their detailed listing). They are all up for adoption.

Anonymous said...
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