Shame on you, Camden County Animal Shelter

for allowing Prince Chunk, the big fat celebrity cat to become nothing more than a money- making side show attraction for you. If you truly cared about the well-being of this cat, then you would do the right thing and acknowledge that you adopted him to a new family. Now you are trying to claim that they are only fostering him and are required to shuttle him around to events to make money for you? This is a horrendous decision for an animal shelter to make.
You placed him into what you must have considered to be the best home from among the
500 applications (which is pretty disgusting if the other 499 people wanted to adopt only this particular celebrity cat and not one of the many other lovely cats awaiting a home of their own).

Reading this made me so sad:

Prince Chunk was spotted at a local PetSmart Sunday, sadly cowering in a cage as shoppers and photographers poked and prodded at the unhappy cat.

A collection jar was placed by the cage asking for donations to a save-a-stray campaign.

While he may have been overweight, he was a homeless cat who needed a home and he got one. Nothing more and nothing less.

He was given away by his previous owner to "a friend" of hers who then let him go. Luckily for him, he was found and brought to a shelter where he was adopted.

You are behaving like Lindsay Lohan's crazy mother.

He now has a new home and family. Please don't destroy that. Please do the right thing.


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