All Found Animals Need to be Scanned
for Original Microchips

Many animals were NOT scanned when they entered Lamar Dixon and possibly at some of the other shelters, but most all were chipped upon intake, thus all the animals that were rescued and taken to Lamar Dixon, Best Friends, LaSPCA, Noah’s Wish, LSU (operating at the John Parker Coliseum) and Pasado are now chipped. Both Home Again and AVID donated thousands of microchips to the search and rescue operation. It’s important to scan all animals for an original microchip.

If you have FOUND or are FOSTERING a Katrina pet, please take it to a shelter, clinic, Petco or Petsmart store to have it scanned! We can help you find its owner from the microchip number.

To all volunteers who are helping pet owners search for lost/missing pets: please contact anyone posting a FOUND pet listing on Petfinder, Petharbor, Craigslist, NOLA.com, etc and ask them to have that animal scanned for a chip.

This is an essential part of the process to reunite these animals with their owners.

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