$10,000 reward for safe return of this dog

Ann Wisham and her 2-yr-old female Border Collie mix Bean drove from California to Louisiana and Mississippi to help after Katrina. This article in the above link has the complete story. Bean was stolen from Ann's truck in Bakersfield CA on January 6, 2007. Bakersfield is in Kern County, California but Bean could be anywhere by now. Bean was recently hit by a car and had hip replacements. If you've seen Bean or have any leads, please call 661-619-5895.
This was written by Ann:

I had a large 4 horse trailer and a big truck. My friends had a fund raiser. Raised $800. Bean and I went to Glendale, got donations and drove to Mississippi. I stopped in Arizona and filled the trailer with dog food, bleach and handy wipes. That is what I was told they needed. Bean was my Guard dog all the way there. At night I slept in the trailer and she would growl if any body came near. We helped at the shelter, took a load of surrendered dogs from Houma Louisiana (below New Orleans) back to Gulfport to be shipped (to shelters) all over the USA. Then we went to work for the United Methodist Church taking out dry wall, sanitizing homes, meeting survivors of the storm..... I could not have done the trip without Bean, everyone at the church camp talked about the lady and dog from California. Going to help was the best thing I ever did, it made me feel great to help. As I drive Bean will paw me until I hold hands with her, she loves to have me hold her paw. As we drive I miss her so much. Bean has no microchip. The plates in her hips will show in an x-ray and her collar is so different - long haired beautiful black saddle, tan sides and white feet and collar and 3/4 white face. I never lost a dog before and did not even think it would be probable that any body would steal a broken mutt dog that bites. My big mistake. I should have had her microchipped. When she comes home she will be photographed like mug shots, micro chipped and lo jacked

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Seeking Katrina Pomeranian now in New England

The following was posted on Craig's List and is one of many similar posts that serves no purpose other than to torment the owners of every male Pomeranian still missing and being searched for from Katrina.

If you have any idea who "adopted" this dog, please post a comment here (anonymously or otherwise) or contact katrinapoms@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Katrina Poms site

I wanted to alert you that your dog is alive and doing well in Rhode Island. My friend and her family adopted him in September last year. While she understands that he was your pet, due to the fact that she has had him in her home with her children for almost a year, she is unable to give him up at this time. She wants you to know that he is well taken care of and she's sorry - but at this time she can't give him up. Last known Address: New Orleans