Largest Puppy Mill Raid in PA History

Almost Heaven Kennel was busted last night. Again.

A matted poodle (?) in PA SPCA triage tent

More like Almost Hell.

Investigators found 65 dead animals in freezers and seized 125 sick dogs.

A Shih Tzu going to triage tent

There were approximately 800 animals on the property including this caged monkey.

The SPCA says Derbe Eckhart, kennel owner, admits to hundreds of charges of animal cruelty.

He has over 20 years of charges and convictions of animal abuse & neglect and received a lifetime ban from the AKC. The following is from PetAbuse.com

Oct 1, 2008
Alleged: Puppy mill - 800 animals, 125 seized

Jul 19, 2006
Not Charged: Housing exotic animals

Aug 2004
Civil Case: Dog breeders given lifetime ban by AKC

Apr 1999
Not Charged: AKC suspended breeder using alias to register dogs

Jun 1991
Convicted: Convicted abuser operating unlicensed kennels

May 1991
Convicted: Convicted abuser operating unlicensed kennel

Apr 1990
Convicted: 10 puppies die from lack of sustenance

Jun 1989
Convicted: Convicted abuser suspended from AKC until 2019

Aug 1988
Convicted: 45 dogs, 3 cats starved, removed from home

Sentence: Fined $100 each for 32 citations for cruelty to animals; sentenced to 2 to 10 months in Carbon County Prison for allowing unsanitary conditions at the kennel.