Pets in Los Angeles Now Required to be Spayed and Neutered

Congratulations to the City of Los Angeles for passing the new law which went into effect on October 1, requiring pets to be spayed & neutered (unless the owner has a breeding permit).

Click on above link to read the full story on the HSUS website.

If Los Angeles can do it, every city and town in the U.S. and Canada can do it.

No longer do lawmakers need to cave in to the demands of those who make money from pets.

This weekend public and private organizations throughout L.A. will be offering free spay and neutering.

Finally, an affordable alternative to Heartguard

A few months ago, while out of town with my three dogs, and because I forgot to pack the Heartguard, I learned about Iverhart, the new GENERIC version of Heartguard. I wrangled the three into the local Banfield (more about that place later) for Heartworm- Lyme tests in order to get some Heartguard.

The vet
begrudgingly wrote out three prescriptions so I could purchase the meds elsewhere.

I took the scripts to a convenient and reputable vet hospital where the receptionist told me about Iverhart - the new cheaper-but-equally-effective generic of Heartguard.

(apparently when the patent on Heartguard recently expired, Verbac Animal Health was ready to market their product at a lower cost).

In addition to the lower sticker price, Iverhart is currently offering a $3-$5 rebate coupon on their website.

As with Heartguard and other similar products, Iverhart must be purchased from a vet or other official supplier in order for the warranty to be effective. If purchased from an on-line vet med discounter, the warranty will not cover treatment.