St. Bernard Parish deputies Minton and England indicted by Grand Jury

Thank you Mimi Hunley and Julie Cullen. Thank you members of the Grand Jury for coming to the correct conclusion.

According to Mimi Hunley, Assistant State Attorney General, Louisiana:

" The Grand Jury in St. Bernard Parish on Wednesday indicted former Deputy Mike Minton and presently employed Deputy Chip England for aggravated cruelty to animals related to the street shootings after Katrina. This is a felony and was the most serious of all the crimes they could have indicted them for. AAG Julie Cullen and I handled the presentation. We are still working on the school shootings.

Mimi Hunley
Assistant Attorney General Criminal Division "


Photos from Rocket's long-awaited reunion

Now that's one happy boy and one very happy dog.
Complete reunion story/details soon.


Lil'Bit is home in New Orleans tonight with his family. Is he not one adorable and very joyful little dog with that smile on his face and spark in his eyes? Oh yea, hard to see his eyes but you know the spark is back. He looks so much happier here compared to the look on his poor little face in the two bottom photos.
The two photos below were the only surviving ones of Lil' Bit. Lisa had them on her desk at work - everything in their house was destroyed.
Thanks to the continuing determination and dedication of Micci, Lil' Bit is on his way back home to New Orleans with Lisa, his grateful owner. Lisa was forced to abandon Lil' Bit at a bus evacuation site along the interstate, after enduring one of the most tragic sagas of anyone I have ever talked to. And this was after being forced to relinquish her other pets en route to the bus evacuation site over a period of several days. Throughout all this, she and her fiancé clung to their young son and to Lil' Bit. They then waited several more days to board a bus. While waiting for a bus, due to the heat and the lack of food and water, they became frantic that their son could die there. When they were finally able to board a bus, they were forced to leave Lil' Bit on the ground.

Lisa's story and Lil' Bit's photo were included in the People Magazine article from a few months ago, as well as the current issue of Bark Magazine.
Micci is a volunteer who has maintained the website Katrina Poms and had hoped to get Lil' Bit home for Christmas. Last year. But Micci, Lisa and others were stymied by endless lies and manipulations from Biannca Kellogg who took Lil' Bit from Best Friends in Tylertown. She took several other cute little dogs too, so stay tuned.

Yesterday a Sheriff in Illinois went to the home of Biancca's friend Jeannie (to whom Biannca gave Lil' Bit) took possession of Lil' Bit and returned him to Lisa. Even after 15 months, Lil' Bit jumped out of the sheriff's arms when he saw Lisa and covered her with kisses.

Lil' Bit was not posted on Petfinder until December 11th - more than 3 months after he was rescued. And then all the information was stripped from the Petfinder record within 6 weeks even though the dog's owner and several volunteers were actively pursuing a reunion.

If you look in Lil' Bit's eyes in the photos below (taken in Illinois by Biancca) you can see how sad he was. He did not want to be there; he wanted to be with his family. And now, thanks to Micci and the Sheriff in Illinois who did his job, Lil' Bit is with his family forevermore.