ATTENTION: Lousiana Pet Owners Important Legislation

Senator Fontenot (District 13, Louisiana) is searching for Louisiana evacuees who were not allowed to evacuate with their pets, in order to enlist their help with testifying in support ofupcoming emergency pet evacuation legislation.

The bill is to be introduced on 3/27/06. It will be pre-filed this Friday (3/17/06).

Cathy Wells is the staff member from Sen. Fontenot's office who is collecting statements of affected parties.

Please cross-post and forward this to everyone you know who had to leave their pet(s) behind.

Email: wellsc@legis.state.la.us
Phone: 225-342-1126


Email I received today

...only surprise is that it took this long for the Katrina twist to these scams


How are you, I am Mrs. Mary Smith I need to pass this urgent information to you as I have just been told by my doctor that I will be going for an urgent operation which he says will be a 50 to 50 chance of me living, my beloved I want you to know that I am old and I am 78 years old, as I am writing this email I am very ill and I suffer of a stroke and a heart problem which effected my mouth and my right leg keeping me sitting on a wheel chair, i must tell you that this information about the operation of transplanting of my full heart just came to me as a surprise and so I had to open up this great secret off mine to an honest and trusted person with the fear of the Lord in his/her heart to handle this great project of of the Lord for children effected in the Hurricane and as well as the needy.....

Well my Beloved let me tell you little about me I am a woman with out a child and I also lost my loving husband last year in the Hurricane Katrina, this was part of the problems in my life that kept me in this conditions because I think too very much, at the moment I am in u.k England because the hurricane wiped away our home living us with noting well I want you to know that even with all the Money that I have I could not still have a child to call my own its really painful but I live all complains to the LORD. I decided to use my funds which I had deposited in a company last year...... I had this money deposited at the Month I lost my husband because I wanted to secure our property and that is a lot of money, my beloved I am talking about 15million u.s.dollars it is now in a security company/Bank were I know is safe because I did
not let the company/bank know the content of the box which I deposited with them I told the
company that the box was contained with gold bars and they do not know that the box is contained with 15million dollars. My beloved i really need you to help me on this project because I believe that you will be capable and since you are a true believer you will have a very good idea/wisdom from the LORD to have good buildings of churches and daycares for needy children and as well good ideas of management of the funds when it gets over to you, please I really need you not to be surprised at this urgent information because I myself have never told any one about this, but it is because of the information I got from the doctor that makes me to open up now to you..... it will not be fair on the children VICTIMS and the HELPLESS if I die and that money is left over in that company without it given to the charity but I look up to you to help me handle the project.... I am not to strong to write more words now I will need you to get back to me if you will be handling this project for me, I want you to write me back so that I can give to you the full details on how you will receive the funds for this wonderful project of the Lord for children and the needy I would also like you to send your phone number so that I can have discussion with you the best way I can.

Remain Blessed
Mary Smith.
Mrs. Mary Smith