Did you volunteer at Lamar Dixon?

We are compiling a list of people who volunteered at Lamar Dixon, specifically in the barns or export, to help us in the process of reuniting pets with their owners. Please send an email to noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com and write "Lamar Dixon" in the subject line. Please include your name, phone number, the time zone you're in, the dates you were there and what jobs you did.

We may want to contact you to ask about specific animals that have been "lost in the system" whose owners are actively searching. Please cross-post and email others who were at Lamar Dixon. No Animal Left Behind and Dog Detective are sharing resources to help reunite Katrina pets with their owners. Any information you share will be used for the sole purpose of facilitating this effort.


CAT said...

I spent one night at Lamar-Dixon before realizing how poorly organized it was. However, I took several hundred photographs of animals that are on my website if you need confirmation of animals that were there.


Anonymous said...
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petvolunteer said...

Is there a way to trace who this lowlife is? Probably one of those "without sin" stone casters who STOLE animals from Lamar-Dixon. Should be prosecuted.