Please please help find this 14 year old cat...her owner loves her so much!

This is Mittens.

She is a 14 year-old spayed gray and white tabby. She has a bobtail, and steel blue/gray eyes, gray tiger striped legs with white feet and a white belly. Her facial markings are very soft, more like a lynx point siamese than a tabby.

Mittens was picked up at the Napoleon and St. Charles evacuation site, where Martha, her owner, was forced to leave her. She was then taken to Lamar Dixon with owner contact information. She was in the same cat carrier as Whiskers who was located at Treasure Coast Humane in Florida in October and reunited.

Not a single shelter in the whole country claimed to have this cat. But she is out there somewhere. Someone took her home from Lamar Dixon.

PLEASE Help. Martha had Mittens for 13 years at the time of Katrina and misses her terribly. No questions asked, let's just get Mittens home.

Please cross-post to all cat people, vets, shelters, rescues, anywhere. No questions asked.



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