Helping to resuce and reunite pets for almost 10 years

Hi folks! Today is the first time in years that I've logged in to my blog and I noticed that I had several hundred unpublished comments, most of which are now published.  They weren't being ignored; I just needed a long and complete break from all things Katrina animal related.

As the 10th anniversary approaches, I have been writing up many of the stories from that time; I will be contacting the people involved and asking them to share updates and/or comments. This will include some of our fiercest enemies/detractors (those who fought against reuniting pets with their owners and those who had to be sued in order to return pets to their proper owners).  You know who you are so feel free to contact me at noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com in advance, to share any of the following:

What did you learn from the experience?
What would you do differently if you could?
Have you acquired, adopted or fostered any animals since?
Have you since worked or volunteered with any shelters or rescues?
Feel free to share any other comments or reflections.
Lynn Welsh, snowballs chance Biannca Kellogg,