Video of a Maryland animal disaster discovered on Friday

Harford County (MD) sheriff's deputies have an arrest warrant for a woman accused in what's being described as one of the "most horrific" animal cruelty cases in the county's history. Donna Bell runs "Furry Companions," an animal rescue operation and has supposidly found homes for hundreds of animals. This organization does not appear to be a recognized 501c3.

A total of 118 dogs and cats -- 44 of which were dead -- were recovered from two homes in the Whiteford area last night.

The Humane Society of Harford County is accepting donations to help with medical expenses for the surviving animals. Click here to go to their website.

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Good (legal) news for Katrina pet owners






COUNTY SPCA, INC., a Maryland

Corporation, and JANE DOE



This matter is before this Court upon plaintiff’s verified petition and supporting memorandum and accompanying exhibits, and finding that the two pet dogs therein described are Plaintiff’s pet dogs that were taken in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina,

YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED, RESTRAINED, ENJOINED AND PROHIBITED in the name of the State of Louisiana and this Honorable Court from further concealing and from refusing to return to Plaintiff, Belinda Sumrall, and any agent she may designate, her two pet dogs, Sandy Marie and Coco Lee, who were taken from St. Bernard Parish, State of Louisiana, in the aftermath of Katrina, and who are depicted on that certain found pet report PF 52946 uploaded to www.petfinder.com on or about October 14, 2005, and also depicted in Exhibits 1 and 4 of the verified petition, and shall provide to Plaintiff the identify of, and address of the person who has custody of these two pet dogs;

YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED, RESTRAINED, ENJOINED AND PROHIBITED in the name of the State of Louisiana and this Honorable Court from permitting any person or persons from interfering with the return of the two pet dogs, Sandy Marie and Coco Lee to Plaintiff, Belinda Sumrall, and any agent she may designate;

YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED AND DIRECTED to return the two pet dogs, Sandy Marie and Coco Lee to Plaintiff, Belinda Sumrall, and any agent she may designate, within five (5) days after this order is served;

IT IS FURTHER HEREBY ORDERED that you each shall be sanctioned in the sum of $1,000.00 per day for each day that you fail to comply with this order, which sanctions shall commence five (5) days from the date this order is served;


Can we all try really really hard to find this one-eyed Golden Reviever?

How hard can this be? Someone has Athena and whoever that person is, it is NOT her owner from New Orleans. Please everyone - let's find her and get her home.

She is 7 1/2 years old and spayed. She is light brindle colored with white, and weighed 50 pounds when she was lost. She is missing her right eye. She has a thyroid cndition and allergies. One of her canine teeth is chipped.

Please pass Athena's picture to everyone you know; please print and post this at animal hospitals, vets offices, pet stores, dog parks. Post it at all the spring and summer doggie events in your area. Email this to all your dog friends.

Athena should not be this hard to find !

Hurricane Katrina Rottweiler Saves Her Family

(by Lew Olson; reprinted from American Rottwieler Club website)

Hurricane Katrina resulted in many tragedies, including thousands of homeless dogs. Sometimes though, good things can result from even the worst misfortune. One of these dogs, Zoey, a Rottweiler, made her way from a shelter to the Friends of the American Rottweiler Club on September 26th. Zoey is approximately 18 months old and had recently lost a litter of puppies through a miscarriage. Both of her eyes were severely infected and she appeared to have damage to her face from being struck on the head. She was transported to a foster home with

Helen Garcia and nursed back to health and spayed. On November 19th, Zoey's luck turned around and she was adopted by Traci Colvin and her two children, in Seguin, Texas.

On the evening of December 10th, Traci's son Cory was ill with a respiratory infection. She had spent many hours trying to keep him comfortable and finally at 3 AM he fell into a restful sleep. Traci was grateful to finally be able to crawl into bed herself. At 5AM, Zoey began barking at Traci's bedside and would not stop when commanded. Traci wearily got up and assumed Zoey needed to go outside. When Zoey was let out, she just stood there and stared at Traci. Traci was more than annoyed and scolded Zoey and let her back into the house. Zoey ran barking down the hall and stood by the wall and continued to bark. When Traci went to see what was going on, she found the breaker box was smoking, and the cord running to the wall was smoldering and starting to melt. Traci quickly called for help and when help arrived was told that her mobile home could have quickly gone up into flames in a few more minutes.

Sometimes a good turn deserves payback, and good luck was brought to both Zoey and Traci Colvin's family. Traci reports Zoey has a home with her for life and she is very grateful that they found each other. The Friends of the American Rottweiler Club thank Traci for adopting this wonderful dog, and they also thank Zoey for being so persistent in awakening Traci to alert her to the danger.


Take the designer dog quiz

This is a great site and I totally agree with what Andrew and Diana are saying here. Every time I'm at the dog park and see a dog of indeterminate genetics, I ask the owner what it is. One day there were four lab/goldendoodles and their owners were discussing where they got their dogs from. What I overheard was that they were all shipped from overseas! Wow - this really flipped me out, since I had just left the shelter feeling depressed as always because of all the great, beautiful dogs there. Those dogs cost more than my first car which also came from overseas.