This FOUND dog is one-of-a-kind!

Is this your dog?

She's at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Birmingham, AL 205-942-1211

HOPE Safehouse is adopting Katrina pets

1. Katrina pets are not to be adopted until after December 31st.

2. Photos and accurate information on Katrina pets is to be posted on Petfinder's Animal Emergency Response Network.

3. HOPE Safehouse is in ignoring both of these guidelines set forth by the HSUS, ASPCA and the State Vet of Louisiana.

Note that they have not posted these pets on Petfinder's Animal Emergency Response Network (AERN) but rather on the regular Petfinder site which used by shelters to advertise post animals available for adoption. Katrina evacuees do not know to look here!!

If you recognize your pet in one of their photos, contact them for more information.

If you don't get full cooperation in trying to identify and reunite with your pet from this or any other shelter, please contact noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com.

(Click on the title link to see photos of some of their Katrina pets)


REUNION: Star Comes Home to her Family in Metairie

Star, a little white schnauzer was reunited with her family over the weekend after being fostered in NC by Scott, a man who helped to rescue her.


Noah's Wish is still there

With the recent tragedies involving the EDNAH "sanctuary" in Arkansas; the never-ending chaos of trying to locate thousands of animals lost or missing from the "system" and the ongoing negotiations we are having with shelters who have been adopting out these animals prior to the December deadline, it is important to note one group that has done things right from the beginning.

Noah's Wish arrived in Slidell on August 31st and rescued every possible animal in Slidell / St. Tammany Parish. These animals have been loved and cared for by a team of well-trained volunteers whose specialty is rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters (it's too bad that the other groups did not ask Noah's Wish for advice or send some of their staff and volunteers to a Noah's Wish training weekend prior to this disaster). They are still there and have made a commitment to stay at least until November 15th.

The animals there are healthy and well cared for. One of the last volunteer duties of the day is to smear peanut butter inside Kongs to keep the dogs occupied at night. There are photos and proper paperwork on every animal including the address it was rescued from. The people of Slidell and St. Tammany Parish are very fortunate to have Noah's Wish there.

Noah's Wish has not performed for the media; the welfare of the animals is their sole priority. They have done this difficult work quietly, well and with great dignity.

Please click on the above link to view some of their photos. And for all the people who are rightfully angry at the other groups, please consider making a donation to Noah's Wish. They are still there taking care of the animals they rescued.

To read about the work of Terri Crisp, the founder and director of Noah's Wish, read
Out of Harm's Way: The Extraordinary True Story of One Woman's Lifelong Devotion to Animal Rescue and Emergency Animal Rescue Stories: True Stories About People Dedicated to Saving Animals from Disasters.

RESCUED from roof and reunited

These guys were rescued off the roof by a neighbor and reunited with their very happy owner.

Katrina dogs were sent to this "Sanctuary"