I had one of those wow! moments like in that commercial where all those people look at something amazing and say "wow."

I was out walking my dogs and saw a fox on my neighbor's front lawn across the street. I stopped and stared at it and it stared back. I said out loud to no one (to the dogs?) wow!

The dogs however were oblivious. Which is a good thing because if they had seen the fox they would have started to bark and pull on the leashes and act like the little fools they act like when they see another dog or a cat or a squirrel. Well, at least Murphy. Ruby usually acts more like the dignified old lady she is, but Murphy jumps and whines and acts as if he's never before seen another dog or cat or squirrel.

So this beautiful fox and I just stood there staring at each other, with nothing more than a narrow residential street separating us. It didn't run and it didn't even look scared or nervous.
It just stood and watched me as I was watching it (I wasn't close enough to see if it was a male or female but it seemed large for a fox).

Wow !

When the dogs finally let me know it was time to continue our walk (their walk) I felt great sadness thinking about how anyone could hunt and kill these beautiful animals. Sadly I live in an area that has a long history of fox hunting.