Thinking of breeding your dog so your kids can experience the miracle of birth?


Intended for all those who want to breed little Fluffy in order to let children experience the miracle of birth. This real-time videotape set can either substitute for home breeding or guide you in making the most of your breeding decision. You will experience the joys of seeing a live puppy pop effortlessly from the mothers body. See her consume the bloody afterbirth (Most children squeal with delight seeing this for the first time). Many children make a life-long commitment to celibacy then and there. Enjoy watching the frantic efforts of a breeder trying to resuscitate a stillborn puppy. See the hilarious actions of a bitch that searches for the puppy she thinks she just dropped but which was quickly tossed into the wastebasket because it was only a blackened, half-developed fetus.

Reserve a full 36 hours to see the entire set of tapes in one sitting.

Really, share the drama, boredom, and exhaustion of the breeder as she struggles to help her bitch in extended labor. Watch as a breeder tries to recruit helpers to carry her dying bitch to the car for transport to the nearest animal hospital in a futile attempt at saving the beloved family pet. Seeing the children crying and asking what is happening is half the fun. Follow the fun as a breeder and his wife alternate bottle feedings duties, during a full month of every 4-hour feedings, with a puppy fading and trying to keep 6 others dry and healthy.

Share the hilariously hopeless task of keeping the home odor free while 7 pups deposit hourly stools and urine on mountains of newspapers provided through weekly neighborhood garbage can raids. Thrill to the dazzling sound effects on this tape - you will be amazed at the noise created by 7 pups all screaming at once - especially in the hush of the wee morning hours. Chuckle at the breeders increasingly frantic anxiety as the litter grows up, and no one comes to buy them.

And, as an extra added attraction: Laugh with us at the madcap antics of a typical shelter worker as she accepts new animals keeping a straight face as mom and dad tell little Kevin that the nice lady will take VERY GOOD care of 8 year old Fluffy. Enjoy the pathos as she later shoves unwanted puppies and adult dogs into a gas chamber as she chokes back tears and goes home to try and explain to her children just what she does at work. Yes, if you, or a friend, are considering breeding Fluffy to show your children the miracle of birth, be sure to get this video and show the miracle of death at the same time.

Copyright 1996, John A. McCormick, President and CEO, Nocturnal Aviation Videos. Reproduction and distribution of this advertisement in its entirety strongly encouraged. Telephone, e-mail, or postal orders NOT accepted. This tape is sold ONLY in person because I REALLY want to meet you.

Recognize these dogs? Roaming in Lakeview

Both dogs are living in the garage and under
5549 Woodlawn Place in Lakeview. The Rottie is a female wearing a choke chain collar, and looks as if she may have puppies hidden somewhere. The dog under the house is a male.