Another so-called animal sanctuary is raided

The American Humane Association, The ASPCA, UAN and several other animal welfare organizations removed and relocated approximately 315 dogs and an assortment of rabbits, birds, horses, chinchillas, a ferret, and others were removed from the Thyme & Sage Ranch in Cazenovia, Wis. during a seizure in May.

Most of the animals had been housed in unhealthy and inhumane conditions, and dead animals were discovered on-site. The 11 charges against "sanctuary" founder, Jennifer Petkus, include mistreatment of animals by intent or negligence. Many of the animals are suffering from skin, eye and ear conditions, malnutrition and various internal infections.

The majority of the animals which were legally relinquished by the owner have been re- homed in humane societies and rescue organizations across Wisconsin. They will eventually be available for adoption. Others are being safely held as evidence. Ten were returned to the owner, but will be checked daily by a Richland County deputy and weekly by a veterinarian.

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Lesson here?? Volunteer with and support your local animal shelter.

Don't be fooled by the term "sanctuary" which can mean little more than a well-disguised hoarding situation, or in the case of the most famous of all animal sanctuaries, a huge money-making machine which sucks up valuable resources from local shelters.