Katrina Pets Being Adopted Early

The ASPCA, HSUS and the State Vet of Lousiana changed the date that animals rescued from Katrina can be adopted from October 16th to December 31st. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

BUT, many shelters have already adopted out these animals, either because they didn't know about the change in the deadline or because they don't care. People who were not in the market to adopt a cat or dog from their local animal shelter prior to August 31 are now agressively 'shopping' , and small purebred dogs are being fought over.

There is still a backlog of photos that haven't even been posted; many people are still without internet access; many former residents of New Orleans have not had their old phone numbers forwarded or changed. There have been many obstacles to reuniting pets with owners.

We all agree that these animals need to get out of the shelter environment, but there are as many willing foster homes as there are people ready to adopt these animals. Many of these animals will be available for adoption as of the beginning of 2006.

Photos of pets that have already been adopted or are up for adoption will be posted here under the title of the shelter where they were taken. If you recognize your pet in any of these posts, please contact the shelter right away and also contact us, here.


Anonymous said...

What happens to groups that ignored this and adopted out animals anyways?

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