Memorial Service TOMORROW in memory of 33 dogs killed in St. Bernard Parish

There will be a memorial service and a laying of wreaths and flowers outside P.T. Beauregard Middle School at 2:00 Wednesday, January 30th. The school is located at 1201 Bayou Road in St. in St. Bernard.

If you can attend, please be there by 2:00. If you can't attend but would like to order flowers or a wreath to be placed at the school, or contribute to one of the wreaths, please email me (noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com) and include your phone number. I'll call and put you in touch with the florist and make sure that your flowers are included in the delivery tomorrow.

The informal ceremony, open to everyone, is to remember the 33 dogs that were killed by St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Deputies in September 2005. Additionally, Minton and others shot and killed an untold number of dogs outside running loose; some of the owners who were forced to evacuate without their pets decided to give their dogs a better chance on their own outside than inside their flooded homes or the schools.

The trial was set to begin today but charges were dropped last week by the new Attorney General due to "lack of evidence." I guess in Louisiana, video footage of (former) Deputy Minton shooting dogs off the back of a pickup truck as well as his confession don't count as evidence. I guess neither does the testimony of the National Guardsmen at the school or the owners of some of the dogs who overheard them saying that they were going to kill the dogs as soon as they left.

I have no doubt there is a very special place in hell for them.

St. Bernard Parish deputies won't be prosecuted in dog shootings