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I will be adding photos as I come across missing pets that need additioanl exposure. Feel free to cross-post the photos and help search. If you find a likely match, either email it to me or post it as a comment. Thanks!

These two dogs were rescued from 5351 Cameron St. and are still missing.
Did you rescue them? Did they come through your shelter? Can you help them get home? Thank you.


Owners please check here

I will be adding more photos here as I find them on my computer. Please check back.
If you think that one of these dogs is yours, please send an email to noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com if no contact info is listed with the photo.

This young (approx. one year old at time of Katrina) female yellow lab was rescued and/or taken in by Midwest Lab Rescue. I have never seen her posted on Petfinder (AERN). Their contact information is: (847) 604-3254 and email: mail@midwestlabrescue.org

The top photo is the way it appeared (I think on Craig's List). The bottom photo was color corrected on Photoshop as I'm not sure if she is more yellow or more cream colored.

This is what was written up including all the original typos.

Im Comiskey, a 1 year old female weighing in at about 46 pounds. I probably need to put on a few pounds, which should be no problem since I love to eat! I came all the way from New Orleans where I lost my home due to Hurricane Katrina. Im a really sweet girl who likes a lot of attention. I get along well with the boys (a 2yr. old & 6yr. old) who live here, but their dog thinks Im a bit of a pest. He just doesnt understand that I love to play. I still like to play like a puppy and need to be watched so I dont get into things I shouldn't, but I listen when Im told no. I stay in my crate when no one is home and at night when everyone is sleeping, but I dont complain. I would prefer to sleep on the furniture, but my foster mom doesnt allow it. Im pretty much housebroken and I go to the door when I need to go out, but you have to watch for me because Im so quiet. My foster mom says I am a great girl and will make my future forever family very happy


The following photos were taken at Winn Dixie.

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Same dog, 2 different views above and below