Searching for Boston Terrier Stolen by "steelers8321@yahoo.com"

A woman in Wilmington, DE lost her elderly male Boston Terrier last month and replied to the following post:

Is your dog missing? i found a black/white 'boston terrier' type (wilmington/pike creek)

Date: 2009-08-20, 11:49PM EDT
Reply to: comm-vxqbw-1334136984@craigslist.org

Found wandering dog today (August 20) he is very sweet and loving, but i have 2 dogs in the house already and can not keep! I am looking for the owner so i can give him back asap! e-mail me at steelers8321@yahoo.com! hope to find the owner!!

"steelers8321@yahoo.com" was obviously not interested in finding the owner.

The elderly Boston Terrier got out of the yard on August 20th. A neighbor saw a car stop and someone pick up the dog; the person in the car took the neighbor's phone number and promised to call to see if anyone was looking for the dog but never called.

That's a shock.

The above post on Craigslist appeared that night.

The owner of the lost Boston sent several emails to "steelers8321@yahoo.com" asking for more info about the dog that was "found" but this email account was canceled - deleted - closed.

An email was then sent to the anonymous Craigslist email which was never answered.

If you know of anyone who acquired a Boston Terrier last month - who may or may not have two dogs (it seems that anyone who has two dogs of their own would be more understanding and empathic to someone whose dog was lost) and who may or may not live in the Pike Creek area, please post an anonymous tip here.

The owner of the lost Boston will offer a reward for any tips leading to the recovery of her dog so if you want to claim the reward, please include contact info. with your posted comment.

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Thank You!

$1000 Reward

Police are attempting to find out who wrapped a cat in duct tape and abandoned it in a North Philadelphia yard yesterday afternoon. The cat was completely wrapped in duct tape, except for its head. “I’ve never seen a cat totally wrapped like a mummy before,” said George Bengal, director investigations for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“Whoever did this is very sick.

The cat was found in the 2200 block of Edgley Street.

The female cat, nicknamed Sticky, was sedated by workers at the PSPCA so the tape could be cut away by scissors and is recovering.

“We’re lucky that the tape was not on the cat for a long time. It came off easily,” said Gail Luciani, PSCPA spokeswoman.

The police are offering a $1000 for any tips that lead to the conviction of the animal abuser.