Prayers and pennies to help Ozzie


Man's best friend may have been a life-saver for a Delaware county man and now he is hoping he can return the favor.

As CBS 3's Dick Standish reports, he's trying to help his beloved pet survive the hit and run crash that could have killed both of them.

Dave Tillman and Ozzie, his Airedale Terrier, were out for their nightly walk on Chester Pike in Glenolden on Friday when a car came from behind them and hit them both.

"The next thing I know, I was over on the hill holding my dog, who was yelling and crying," said Tillman, adding, "He hit my legs and knocked me out of the way."

They had been on the sidewalk and before they were hit, the car smashed a sign.

"A big yellow sign it said, I believe, 'Do Not Tailgate,'" explained Tillman.

A small black car slowed and then sped away.

"If the guy who hit him would just sit in the car and hear this dog cry," said Tillman.

Ozzie was in pain all the way to the veterinarian in Malvern on Monday morning.

"They said it was about 4-thousand bucks, I'm a regular Joe living paycheck to paycheck," explained Tillman.

However, if Ozzie can be saved, he will find a way to pay.

"We got a thing on our mortgage, on our credit card, we just have to pay it," explained Tillman.

The vet is operating. "There's a joint ball in a socket, it keeps popping out again," said Tillman.

The hope is that the left hip can be fixed enough so Ozzie will be able to get around.

A fragment of the shattered headlight was removed from Ozzie's head by the vet. Tillman has given it to the Glenolden police who hope they can trace it to the car that hit and fled.

If you are interested in helping Ozzie, you can send a check to:

Veterinary Referral Center
340 Lancaster Avenue
Malvern, Pa 19355
Mark The Check For "Ozzie Tillman" Care

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