As if there was any doubt about Pam Bondi

...she has proven that she is in possession of Master Tank, the dog belonging to the Coutures (in photo below) and simply does not want to give him back. It is painfully obvious that all of her legal maneuvering have been nothing but stall tactics.

(click on title link above for the newspaper article and comments)

You have the audacity to now claim that "Noah" is not Master Tank because Master Tank once had a toenail removed and "Noah" has all his toenails?? What's next? Are you going to take "Noah" for gender reassignment surgery and claim that "she" could not possibly be Master Tank? Or maybe take him to get hair extensions and claim that he's a Newfoundland?

Even if Master Tank / "Noah" has all his toenails, we're supposed to take your word for that? Additionally - and I realize this may be a newsflash for you - TOENAILS CAN GROW BACK. Even an entire claw has been known to grow back.


rescue99 said...

well said!!!


NolaPal said...

Your rapier wit speaks for many, Anita. Truly a breath of fresh air!

Katrinareuniter said...


And let's not forget about the black cocker spaniel, Jazz, who is being withheld from her owner - even after DNA tests proved that the dog is Jazz!

Heartless Texas gal - you know who you are - how can you sleep at night?

fldogluvr said...

Anita - once again, "no spin" you have told it like it is! Not just the truth about Bondi, but all the others involved and the so-called Bandit do-gooder as well. Thank You!

Spiritsmom said...

Amen. Couldn't have said it better if I tried. Just love the T-Shirt on Master Tank too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying what we've all wanted to. And I truly hope Lisa Fox reads your blog...I just visited Malvin and Bandit this past weekend and the cruelty this woman inflicted on a wonderful gentleman boggles the mind, ESPECIALLY when you meet the two in person. Bandit and Malvin have a true bond. Malvin's life is already in such disarray, he is lonely, but so kind and thoughtful, to think of him spending his nights in his small trailer without Bandit breaks my heart. I can't believe she did that to him all this time. We all knew she was full of sh** about "just finding out" and I truly hope there is a special place for her, Pam bondi, and the others who deliberately caused such pain to others.

Great blog!

Becky Correia

Marilyn Sue said...

I am wondering if the television shows that featured Pam Bondi are planning follow-ups on how the "nail job" turned out to be a "con job?"

Anonymous said...

That id ridiculous.... stupid it is who write those big liars about MS PAMELA BONDI, the most wonderful woman i have meet in my life... I use to work for her, and Oh, my God, nobodys can imagine what she have done for me..... She take care of me at the most hard moment in my life... I know Noah, and i know have no questions about he neddes somebody like her, to take care of him.... She is just incredible.....

Michele Bittencourt.... WORLD PEACE!

Anita said...

Dear Miss Word Peace,

What id ridiculous? Dat your fomer boss lady is a liar and a dog thief? Wow, you 2 were the Dumb & Dumber of the Hillsborough County prosecutor's office. The State of Florida must be so proud right now.

So glad that you "know have no questions about he neddes somebody like her." Brilliant.

Please feel free to post more...it was quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

Like I said..... World Peace.... but this is not for people like you...... so you cant understand what i say, never.... dont even try..... your brain is so small for that...... WORLD PEACE... FOR EVERYBODY WHO HAS GOOD VIBES INSIDE YOUR HEART..Ops, first, you need have a heart..... Hurray... Pam.... keep going...Noah its yours.... thats is cute...!!!!
Ms. World Peace, my pleasure.....

Anita said...

OH!! you are actually a brilliant deconstructionist who has chosen the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor to explain Pam Bondi's thief of Master Tank by your references to the lack of a brain and a heart. I'm sure you also meant to add "lack of courage," something that the Coutures have in abundance. Superb work, only you need to correct your pronouns to make it clear that it is Pam Bondi who has no brain, heart or courage.

Master Tank does not belong to Bondi. If you read the news before posting to a blog you might appear a tad less stupid than you are.

Ms. World Peace Rocket Scientist - go do a few more bongs and see what you can do to end the war in Iraq and settle unrest in Somalia and make Israel and Palestine play nice.

Sandra said...

Do not cheapen the meaning of the expression "world peace" with hollow platitudes.

The cause of world peace is *not* aided by individuals who deprive Katrina survivors of their loved ones, as has been done to far too many Katrina pet owners trying to get their animals back, as is being done to the Coutures.

The cause of world peace *is* aided by people who reach out and try to heal each other's wounds and make families whole again after a terrible disaster. Pam and Rhonda are not contributing to this in the slightest, even though they have the capacity and resources and presumably intelligence to do so.

Separating Master Tank from his beloved life companion Nila, separating the Couture children from their beloved dogs, tearing this family apart does not make the world a better place and does not contribute to world peace or happiness.

These people are only serving to sow seeds of disharmony and unhappiness in the hearts of people who have had more grief in the last year than many of us will know in our lifetimes.

Allow this family to become whole again! Return the dogs to their original family! Adopt a TRULY homeless animal instead! Now THAT would exemplify a respect for the goal of "world peace".

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how anyone who has loved an animal can think that it is ok for someone like Pam Bondi to come in and steal an animal and keep it for her own. While it may have not been intentional when she took Master Tank, after this much time has passed and after legal notice has been given, it is theft, pure and simple.

The Couture’s have lost so much, as have the people of New Orleans. I helped rescue animals in New Orleans after Katrina and I hope to hell that you never experience what the people of New Orleans experienced. Walk a day or two in the Ninth Ward today (where water just got turned back on a month ago; more than an year after Katrina) or in St. Bernard Parish, or Lakeview where people are trying to rebuild their lives day by day, with little help from the US government. Then dare to say that it is justifiable to take the last thing that people have left to them, because "PAMELA BONDI, the most wonderful woman i have meet in my life."

I have taken dogs back to their owners nine months after the hurricane, who have dropped to the ground and wept at the sight of their dogs. I watched the light in the dog’s eye and the joy it felt when it realized that it was finally home, safe and sound. There is nothing in this world like seeing the love and the bond between a human and their animal that were forced apart, by no fault of their own. I pity you and the Pam Bondi's of the world for being so selfish.

Anonymous said...

In Katrina's aftermath, some people have stereotyped the poor or simply the modest of income from the Gulf region, in some very nasty ways. For example, how many times have we seen the word "trash" used to describe the true owners in these pet custody debates.

Well, Bondi and Rineker are doing an excellent job of contributing to all the unpleasant stereotypes about the wealthy and privileged being selfish and self-absorbed.

Another slice of cake, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Bondi used to be an Immigration Attorney, now that's a surprise. "stupid it is who write those big liars about MS PAMELA BONDI" "Oh, my God, nobodys can imagine what she have done for me..... She take care of me at the most hard moment in my life..." - what could this woman have possibly done for you? In my wildest imagination I cannot think of one thing she could possibly have ever done nice for anyone(free) IF her current display of humanity to the Coutures and their precious grandchildren, who have suffered so much, is any indication of her goodness. Send Master Tank and Nila home now. MT is displaying aggression towards others...hello, this confirms she has no clue of the trauma she has put Master Tank through - he wants to go home to his family and be with his buddy, Nila, vs cooped up in a condo all day and night whilst she's a talking head on Fox and CNN - send him home pronto and stop the rolling around on the floor on national TV with the dog like a pole dancer would do in a bar, it's rather disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I have a doubt? Why, this family, who loves so much Noah, just miss the dog, after almost a year later.... and maybe at the same time, they realize that Pam is a recognized professional.... hummmm... maybe they just want their 15 minutes of fame..... i do bet if Pam give money for them, they will forget about the dog.... one more time..... because, somedody who really love your children, or your dog, never gonna be a year without figthing for your rigths.... and actually, Pam said that... "if they are looking for Noah at that time, of course she was gonna give him back"... but now??? After she take care of him, love him, pay for all medicines he needs (ohhh, dont forget he was dying of heartworms, what means, those Coutures are not taking care about Noah) and heartworms, its not from the hurricane, ok, dont be stupid, please (read about)..... they just want to be published....and they win.... about that, not about the case of Noah´s belong to Pam Bondi, because that is the true!

Ms. World Peace, nice to meet you....

Anonymous said...

what did bondi do get one of her illegal aliens to write and call theirself worldpeace get real bondi and the other idiot are as bad as baby rapers cause thats what they are doing to the courters shame on them makes me not proud to be an american as real americans have compassion.

Anonymous said...

Ms "World Peace" (what a misnomer) if you are going to engage in this discussion you had better get your facts straight.

First: after Master Tank and Nila were taken out of Louisiana, they were
NOT posted at the disaster section of Petfinder as the shelter was obliged to do as a condition of their being removed from the state, and which hundreds of other shelters managed to do without a problem.

No photo, no description, no location. So, for several months, the Coutures had no clue as to who took them and where they were. They are not psychic and those dogs were hidden.

Second: the dogs were finally traced to Pinellas through other means. (Along with about 30 other dogs the shelter took and did not post, shame on them).

The Couture family started to attempt to get them as soon as they found out where they were, which was THREE MONTHS, NOT one year later. Furthermore, their initial and preferred route was to simply ask for their dogs back. Hiring a lawyer was an action of last resort when their request was refused even though they had proof that those dogs belonged to them.

So does Pam Bondi encourage ALL of her fart-catchers to go around spreading lies about the Coutures and their alleged motivations?

FLDogLuvR said...

Dear Ms World Peace II(or 1 or same as) - apparently you are putting your 2 cents in without having a clue about the circumstances surrounding the real owners of MasterTank and makes one wonder if you have ever heard of Katrina, that hurricane that blew thru New Orleans in Aug 05 and killed over a 1,000 people and many times over that of pets..and they are still unearthing bodies and have no phones or electric or even homes. Quite obviously you missed something along the way, maybe this blog about Ms Bondi (the most wonderful person in the world) would make you feel better..happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Once again I've stumbled over a page filled with ignorance. Such hateful words from those who know absolutely nothing. You know nothing about Noah aka Master Tank and you know nothing about Pam Bondi. Finally, you obviously know nothing about or perhaps just don't care that this dog was severly neglected and just so you know...that neglect did not come from Hurricane Katrina. The neglect came from the family you seem to all want to send him back to. As for all you ignorant judgemental people out there....Pam Bondi saved Noah's life. As a matter of fact, had Noah not of found someone to treat his "severe" heartworm disease he would not be alive today. I just love people that bash on the people that have done a good thing when you really don't even have a clue. I was involved in Noah's treatment so "I do know". Had the previous family taken care of their beloved Saint Bernard, I would be the first to say "Give him back NOW". That is not and was not the case. Noah is a Saint Bernard that lived as an outside dog in an environment that reaches well over 100 degrees and had severe heartworm disease which is easily and affordable prevented. That is neglect and abuse! Did Pam Bondi do everything she could to protect Noah from going back to those horrible conditions? Absolutely! For the love of God I would hope so.

Anita said...

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla....

read it and weep:


Vox Populi said...

I am disappointed in one WORD of this post.
WHY did you not call this LIE the LIE that it was??

Not a CLAIM.


Because it's my humble opinion that if she'd lie about someone's dog she stole she'd lie about ANYTHING and I think that all the cases she prosecuted along with all the cases of anyone directly reporting TO HER should be routed back through 'the system'.

Tampa's BAD ENOUGH. We can't AFFORD the tiniest hair of lack of ethics in an already MUDDY AND GREASY state's attorney's office.
Thank you for the AWESOME GRAPHIC.

No Animal Left Behind said...

Dear Vox Populi:

Thanks for your comment. Pam Bondi did tell many lies. This particular post was written/posted before Cruella di Bondi finally decided to return Master Tank to his rightful owners so while I wanted to keep people updated on the Bondi saga, I also wanted to tone it down a bit.

I and many others cannot believe that she hasn't been fired from her job. You are correct - someone like her has no business working for the people of Florida at tax payer’s expense after this debacle. Whether she is a pathological liar or lied repeatedly about Master Tank, she cannot be trusted to serve the people of Florida in the capacity she was hired to do.

There was a final big lie she told, most likely to save face (not realizing it was way too late for that) when she returned Master Tank to the Coutures.

She was quoted as saying that she and the Coutures had agreed upon some sort of "joint custody" of Master Tank.


Anonymous said...

anita have you seen that? just wanted to heads up you (vox)