UPDATE: Special dog seeking very special person

Remington has been adopted!

Remington was rescued after Katrina. His kennel is dark, dirty and dingy and he needs to be removed as soon as possible. He along with others may be euthanized for no reason other than that they have been there too long.

REMINGTON was dangling a broken leg with bone protruding when he was found, and was transported to Richmond, VA where he remained in that condition for a week before his leg was amputated. The woman who rescued Remington has lost interest in him and the other dogs she rescued. She never visits them or checks on their condition.

Remington has been through a lot of pain and misery and yet remains an affectionate boy that just wants to be loved and be part of a family. When walked, he is full of wonder with everything around him. He is a bright, happy, intelligent dog and appears to be a quick learner. He is a sweetheart, walked well with a leash, and was so very grateful and happy to be out of his kennel where he spends 24/7. I have walked him with another dog and he was absolutely fine.

He is around 2 years old, and is a Boxer/Hound/Pit-mix with some bluish brindling. He weighs between 40-50lbs, is in good health and does remarkably well as a three-legged dog, especially when you consider how he has lived since the operation. His activity level is moderate. Again, he is an affectionate and loving boy. He would do best as an only dog at this time, or possibly with a submissive female. I have had him out with females and he does quite well.

He has been warehoused and is deteriorating as a result of this both physically and mentally. He would do best with someone who is quite dog savvy with dogs that have issues because of past experiences, i.e. being left in a crate 24/7 with little exercise, little to no human companionship, learning to cope with being a 3-legged dog in a dirty, dark and damp world. Remington has not been to any adoption events like many of the other dogs at this facility, and has had no chance of being adopted. Please consider adopting/rescuing Remington, he is a wonderful dog. The facility he is at is closing within the next 2 months, and he along with many others will most likely be put-down.


Anita R. said...

My name is Anita. I am the woman who adopted Remington. I just want you to
know how well he is doing. I have 3 other dogs & he fit in as smoothly as
a missing piece to our puzzle. He has not shown any signs of aggressive
behavior. He is very laid back & affectionate. I have a few pics of him
with my other dogs but there is one I have been encouraged to share. Is
there a way I can send it to you to post on your website? Thanks, Anita

Anita said...

Hi Anita,

Thanks so much for letting us know about Remington and so happy that this special dog found you-his special person. I'd love to post an updated photo of him - just email it to me at: noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com.