Some examples of "owner surrender"

We found X today. He made it through Katrinia, and spent the last four days locked inside a horrible house. X is a good dog .

He's hungry, injured, and has seizures some times because of ants and mosquitoes. We have nowhere to bring him. Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter refuses to help save him. We will continue to try feed him, but he has to eventually leave that unliveable house. Please help us. The address is xxx. Here are the numbers I can be reached.504-xxx-xxxx or 504-xxx-xxxx. I can get acess to X whenever someone can help. Waiting for help. This is our 2nd plea to you for help.

My family was lifted by helicopter last Wed Aug 31. X had to be left behind. She lost her collar when they tried to bring her to the roof. She needs attention ASAP! She is a non-hostile, friendly dog. X is located on the 2nd floor of our house because the 1st floor is flooded - PLEASE RESCUE HER!!

X is still young and gregarious. He is a little obnoxious but an awesome dog thst anyone who spends 2 minutes with him, falls in love him. Our grandmother was air-lifted out of mid-city in the Orleans & Carrollton area. He was last seen in the bed of a green Toyota Tacoma pick up that didn't make it. They were trying to get him out but the army guys wouldn't take him. Our hearts are broken and we want X back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X was left with 2 sinks and the bathtub filled with fresh water and a whole bag of dry dog food. I'm still very worried it's too hot in New Orleans!

She was lost in New Orleans East. She is white with beige spots. She was lost during Hurricane Katrina. 1000.00 REWARD for her safe return. We lost our sister who drowned in her home and are desperate to find our animals

X had to be left behind by a renter. His rightful owner is a heart patient transfered to Harnbeck, La. He was left with some one, and then that some one had to evacuate himself with out the dog.

hes very friendly, house broken and likes to sleep in the bed under the covers. he likes to play ball and my daughter taught him how to play hide and seek

He belongs to my Dad and he is 79 years old and greiving for his dog. the dog escaped from the yard the day after the hurricane. please help me find my Dad's dog. Not too sure of X's exact weight. thanks.

Can not keep dogs where I am staying I was evacuated for hurricane. was able to get back briefly and see dogs. they have food but no water. need someone to take them soon. now all in good health but will not last without water. please help

He was a VERY sweet dog. He loved pig ears. He was a black labrador retriver. We left him behind during hurricane Katrina.

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