Why does this dog look so sad?

Probably because he is stuck living with Cruella de Ville.

This male yellow lab mix (PF63333) is one more dog separated from his owners because someone decided to play God. The person who rescued and/or adopted him obviously knows that he belongs to someone else and yet has made no effort to find the owner(s). Anyone can see in this dog's eyes that he is sad. He's probably thinking about the people he loves.

This is what is written in the description on Petfinder:

This pet was rescued from the disaster area, however contact and location information are not available. This pet is in the database to provide closure so that, if at some later date it is identified by its original owner, they will know it was rescued and cared for. He is happy, healthy, and loved in his new surroundings. This pet is no longer being tracked.

Problem is that the dog was never tracked. This Petfinder Found record was posted on August 11, 2006 - almost a year after Katrina. And the email address that Cruella provided in the Petfinder record - to make sure that his owner(s) have no way to ever contact her - is
noemail@given.com. I guess Cruella, like so many of the evacuees, also didn't have a computer or internet access all year.


Anonymous said...

The people who run Petfinder need to do a better job of insisting on legitimate contact information from their posters. This is a FARCE.

Anonymous said...

The posts on Petfinder are auto-generated by computers, as long as the computer sees the email as valid it is posted. If there is a xxx@xxx.xxx, the computer reads it as valid. Petfinder did not have the manpower to check the legitimacy of every posting and contact given. Petfinder did a phenomenal job in the face of a very daunting task.

Anita said...

I agree that Petfinder did an outstanding job. Everyone – Petfinder included - agrees that the AERN database was far from perfect, but it was a true miracle that a database such as that could be built in a week. It often takes 6-8 months to design and build something with that capability. And some of its features, which may or may not have been intentional, have been a blessing, specifically the way that a record, once created, cannot be deleted. The records can be marked closed or inactive, but not deleted. I know this has been the bain of many of the receiving shelters, fosters and adopters. Hundreds of pets were reunited because the original record remained intact even when someone wanted to remove it.

I am greatly indebted to and appreciative of Petfinder for granting login privileges to many of us working as reunion volunteers which has allowed us access to all records - Open, Closed, Inactive, and helped to faciliate many many reunions.

I can't imagine what would have happened after Katrina without AERN.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to apologize for my blunt comment about "the people at Petfinder" with regard to that bogus email address. My blunt words about the idiot who posted discredited all that was good about Petfinder.

Had there been no Petfinder, there are likely about 3,000 reunions that just wouldn't have happened. Yes, things can always be improved but the AERN is responsible for reuniting many families and for that many of us are grateful.

Anita said...

I knew what you meat ...this person's "Found report" is a farce, not Petfinder :)