Chedder Homecoming Video

Even though Chedder was one of the dogs I helped to reunite a long time ago, I just saw the full video again of his homecoming,and it made me remember why I have been doing this. Thanks again to Scot Haisley at WARL for fighting with us, rather than against us,to get Chedder back to Renee and her son. This is the original post about Chedder/Chat.

Click here to see the video of Chedder's homecoming.


BlackCat said...

that is one happy dog..and family. Good work.

The Book said...

wow thanks for posting it again.

Cheddar is back in New Orleans with my sister Renee and her family

Anita said...

Hi Bookman...thanks for the update on Renee and Chedder; glad they are back home. I'm looking forward to meeting them when I get down there in the fall.