Sheriff Eddie "Big Bubba" Cathey awaits his bigger and better gas chamber

Here are some of the comments from residents of NC posted along with the 3000+ signatures on the petition against this gas chamber. Read and sign the petition here.

(my original post follows the comments)

I knew a guy once who had been inside a vintage gas chamber somewhere over in East Germany. He said that the claw marks in stone made from human fingernails and bone while trying to escape from excruciating pain was a true testament to the evolution of human compassion. Calling an animal processing facility that uses a gas chamber to cheaply, yet painfully, eliminate its unwanted numbers a shelter is like calling Hitler's concentration camps refugee sanctuaries. I have a couple other ideas Union County can use to promote its growth into the 18th century. Possibly juvenile delinquents sentenced to community service hours by the courts can take on the responsibility of the euthanization of these animals by simply using a hammer or other blunt object. That should save the county a few more bucks. Maybe the county should institute MANDATORY I. Q. testing for all legal adults in Union County, and any with an I. Q. less than 65 are immediately processed to a human spay and neuter clinic to help keep unwanted human population down. As I sit here with my rescued black lab mix nudging me with a toy she wants to play with, I can only feel sorry for those individuals who feel that this is a humane and acceptable manner with which to handle animal population. It is merely the cheap and lazy solution. No wonder so many people hate americans. I'm going to go play with my dog now. I hope all of you other animal lovers have a great day!

I am a volunteer at the local SPCA shelter and I am speechless. I cannot believe that these types of people are in charge of our country. I am in tears just thinking about the dogs and cats that are dying and don't need to be. Can you not hear their screams? How can you sleep at night? DO NOT BUILD A GAS CHAMBER!!! These are innocent animals. They didn't ask to be born, what did they do that deserves death?

Please don't spend my tax dollars on a Gas Chamber

As I sit here typing with my dogs head in my lap, I cannot stress enough the importance of these terrific creatures of ours called ANIMALS! They cannot speak up so we will do it for them!!

Please remember that these are beautiful, innocent little creatures that deserve a better way. Take compassion on these animals that bring joy to people's lives, for some they are like children.

In the year 2006, how could you even think of a gas chamber, it maybe cheaper than IV injections but money isn't everything...these animals SHOULD not have to pay for humans stupidity, just because we don't spay and neuter. WE are 20 yrs behind some states in their treatment of these animals> its past time we thought of these animals before they are birthed......where is the luxury taxes to pay for spay-neuter programs........

If the gas chamber is not humane enough for rapists and murderers, why would you use it on innocent animals who have done nothing wrong? Please reconsider.


It is bad enough that it is society's fault these animals are even in the situation of being in shelters. We can at least allow them to have dignity in death since we are the cause of it. I think it is time we look at the reasons these animals are in the shelters and solve that. These animlas deserve to have a peaceful death. We give humans that right and I know there are plenty that we have put to death with lethal injection that have committed crimes beyond belief. What crimes have many of these animals committed that are in the shelters? It is really our crimes that they are being punished for! Give them the chance to have a more peaceful end of life.

As a Union County resident I hate to think that my tax dollars are going towards an inhumane method of putting animals to death! If we have to kill them let's at least show as much compasion as possible.

Sheriff Eddie Cathey of Union County, NC seems a little too happy about the arrival of his new gas chamber for the animal shelter - larger than the current one he demonstrated for the TV cameras.

I especially like his it's my way or the highway style. Real nice.

Here are some of Sheriff Eddie's quotes:

In this new, pro-active role, we, as the members of the Sheriff's Office, will work diligently to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Union County.
hey, Sheriff Eddie, why not improve the quality of life for the animals as well as quality of death by allowing them at least the more humane death from lethal injection?

We seek to be more accountable by allowing more public input into the ways in which our services are planned and provided.
Sure doesn't look like you want any public input on this. How you euthanize the unwanted pets of Union County is a servce you plan and provide, and everyone within Union County and around the country is objecting to your new gas chamber. I'd say that counts as public input.

We seek to be more resourceful, imaginative, and aggressive in our approach to crime.
Why not start with being more resourceful and imaginative about how your euthanize your unwanted animals?

To the people of Union County: keep an eye on your pets; repair your fences, keep your pets' tags on them and up to date. And if you find a stray, take it in and try to find the owner, or take it anywhere but here.

To think that an animal shelter would actually replace an old gas chamber with a newer and bigger model in the year 2006 is beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

why dont you look at the big picture of what the sheriff has done for this county. also why dont you do some research and find the people that are allowing these animals to be strays and abandoned. then you really find the bad guys. i live in the country and have a new animal appear on my property almost every 3 months. at least part of union county government is trying to do their job.

Anonymous said...

Gassing defenseless animals is "doing their job"??? Amazing. People like you keep this kind of stuff going in Union County. It costs no more to inject an animal than to gas it. Where's the compassion from these officials "doing their job?" No, they're *not* doing their job is the problem. If it is necessary to euthanize homeless animals (and that itself is debateable) then someone who is really "doing their job" would at least provide a dignified easy death!! Instead, these officials instead of doing their job are *lazy*!!!!!