Read this if you have someone's Katrina pet

This is a letter from an evacuee who is still searching for her beloved Yorkie named Timmy, sent to a volunteer who has been helping her locate him.

I have been in counseling for PTS Syndrome and the one thing that has always haunted me is the "guilt" that I feel over my animals. My therapist who is an animal person himself told me he did not like it when I did that to myself and told me to stop doing it, but the one thing you can never, never get out of your mind is the last time you held those animals and saw those little faces looking at you. I could not say morning prayers for weeks because everytime I said them I was on the sofa and Timmy my Yorkie would come and I would pick him up and put him next to me. The last morning we were together. He was high up on the bed...the water was rising and he chose to jump off that bed and swim over to me - that little thing - and I picked him up - he was all wet and smelling from the water that was already beginning to have an odor and he sat next to me as I read the prayers...that is a memory that will never fade nor will the memory of when I kissed him and he was so happy and excited and turned his little head toward me - he had no idea but I did know what was happening. The cats they were not as trusting - they knew things were not right from the beginning because they were mad that there was water all over and they could not get down off the mantle and table where they were....those are memories which will never leave you no matter how many times you hear people telling you you had no choice. I think that editorial letter should be sent to every newspaper in the country, to every government official in Washington as well as State officials and certainly to the shelters who are now ready to quit answering questions so that people and animals can be reunited!!!!.

Timmy is elderly and has cataracts, so he couldn't see so well. He only weighed 5 pounds. 5 tiny pounds that they would not let her bring with her from the house on Alexander Street.

Being forced to leave Timmy has broken her heart. She still has faith in humanity and prays that someone has Timmy, and just a picture of him posted to one of those PF records of found Yorkies that never had a picture included, would help her heal.

She doesn't even have a picture of Timmy left to look at, so Mollie is going to draw a composite sketch of Timmy, which we can use to look for Timmy and the owner can have a picture of her beloved little boy, that maybe, will help erase that last mental picture she has of him in her mind.

If any shelters, rescuers or volunteers are reading this, have you seen Timmy?

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Janice said...

This is so sad. My heart breaks for all those who lost touch with a loved one or a pet during Katrina. I hope and pray she will find her dog, as did the family in the post before this one.