Adopted Pets with Contact Information

These are photos of pets that have been adopted, along with any information that is known about them. If you see your pet here, call or email the contact person asap. If you need assistance or support in recovering your pet, email: noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com
Male Grey and White Tabby
Here's what was written in his Petfinder record which was posted on 10-18:
Fat Tuesday (our name for him) survived more than a month with only occasional food and water. He lost a good bit of weight but fared extremely well considering the circumstances. Like so many of the rescued animals, he truly enjoys any time he can find with humans ... and the security of a full dish of food on the floor.

The rescuer felt the need to include this bit of commentary but there was no mention of where this cat was rescued from or found. Real nice.
Lori West 300 Orchard Dr, West Columbia, S.C.

Female White Lhasa-Shih Tzu Mix
In spite of wearing a collar with a New Orleans rabies tag, this cutie was adopted out by the Sacramento SPCA.
Contact: ddrake@sspca.org (916) 383-7387, ext. 9149

Female Pom rescued from St. Bernard Parish
Petfinder record was posted/created on 10-7.

Adopted by
Santa Barbara County Animal Services
Contact: 805-934-6953

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