Four Dog Weekend

Tom Mcfee, Eric Rice and I met up at Eric's place in Annapolis on Friday night / Saturday morning to talk about and reflect on the past six months. And to hear about the film that Tom is making. I won't say anything about it but it's going to totally rock. To see the thousands of photos that Tom took of rescued Katrina pets along with intake tickets, visit cavestudio.net

Here's Eric with the dogs; Ruby (mine) is in the foreground with Murphy (also mine) right behind her, and his two are on either side of him. The photo was blurry (as they all were) because it was impossible to get all of them to be still at the same time.

It was really good to get together with others who have been and still are involved with this, as my friends and family no longer want to hear about Katrina animals. Sadly, people everywhere are forgetting about Katrina. It's as if it happened long ago and far away. Which is stunning.

Tom, Eric and I talked about what an incredible, organic experience this has been - strangers coming together in so many ways to help other strangers. Those who could, got on planes or cars and went to the Gulf Coast to help rescue or volunteer at a staging area. Those of us who couldn't, got online. Others sent money, supplies. Many people fostered Katrina pets while searching for their owners. Many others helped out in local shelters that took in Katrina pets.

What a long, strange trip this has been. And it ain't over yet.

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