Infamous quotes from Tiffany & PawMatch

The following two quotes are from the "PawMatch Katrina Relief" blog:
(my comments in red)

Sept. 16th 2005:

Sorry, not a whole lot to report. Andy has been trying to conserve his phone minutes, as he is way over his plan for the month (that is why I post so late, I wait until after 9:00 PM to call him for updates). But our little cocker spaniel girl has had her checkup. She is approximately 6 years old and is suffering from a urinary tract infection and has a thyroid problem, but is negative for heartworm. We are waiting for additional bloodwork to come back. Please note that she is now available for adoption. If you are interested in giving her a loving home, please complete our Meet Your Match™ Questionnaire so we can see if she would be a good match to your lifestyle and expectations.

Tiffany Madura, who was then working as a Katrina reunion volunteer and given access to Petfinder records, KNEW that pets were not to be adopted until at least December 31, 2005. And then only if and after the shelter or rescue organization exhausted all known avenues for locating the pet's owner and cooperated with all inquiries from potential owners.

Sept. 28th 2005:
Great news, we have an update from Hope's foster momma on her condition: "Hope is doing really well. She was depressed for the first day but is now starting to come out of her shell.... She will look us in the eye more and roll over so we can rub her belly (this is a new development as of about 15 minutes ago).... She is just a wonderful girl who is a little sad and confused but as sweet as can be."

Of course Jazz was depressed, sad and confused.... she desperately missed Shalanda and had just been driven all the way from New Orleans to Austin, TX by two strange men.

(for those who don't know, Andy Odam/PawsMatch renamed Jazz, "Hope Floats.")

The following was posted on the nola.com Pets & Animals forum by Tiffany:

16001. Foster dog
chiquitita75, 9/26/05 10:30 ET

I have a dog I am going to pick up and take to the vet before fostering today. Does anyone have any thoughts on - should I ask to see if the vet will give me a discount since I am a regular customer of theirs? I am a little overwhelmed with animal rescue efforts and then buying stuff for the hurricane in case it hit and now a little tapped, though she will get care - also I have a kitty with a hurt paw I need to take so do you think it would be unreasonable to ask the clinic if they could help me out a little on this one dog? Her owners were dead and she was found in an oily bayou. (has bladder infection).

16001. yes
by chiquitita75, 9/26/05 11:12 ET
I don't know many details but apparently they know the owners are dead and I don't believe she was found in a city.

* Andy KNEW that Jazz's owner was not dead. Jazz had an intake form duct taped to her crate with an address. Read previous post for time-line and complete story.

* Andy Odam and Tiffany Madura decided to play God, judge and jury and they lost.

* I don't know what Andy stood to gain from his mis-guided and selfish deception of Shalanda except for the money he raised by using Jazz as his Katrina poster dog.

* Tiffany obviously believed that she would get away with this, perhaps daddy would defend her actions.

Only problem is that daddy is not the one who will experience the karma that is sure to come as a result of all the pain and anguish she has caused Shalanda.

...and a personal note to Tiffany about the "assault."

Everyone said the same thing when they heard of it: "if it had been me, I would have ________." I'll leave it up to your imagination to fill in the blank.

You should be counting your lucky stars that Shalanda is a person of great dignity, intelligence and mental & emotional strength; that after all the lies, deceit, manipulation and emotional torment put her through, that all she did was yank a piece of your hair.

Tiffany goes wahhh....wahhh...wahhh... SHUT UP!


Anonymous said...

Another on Nola Pet Forum in 2005 by this poster: Apparently doesn't abide by her own teaching, geez a tad "nasty herself"

21825.6. GO READ ABOUT by chiquitita75
All of you. Nasty little women with nothing else to do but be cruel to people who have lost everything.

, 10/11/05 21:26 ET Re: New orleans was a sick place .. by selene2011, 10/11/05 YOUR OWN CITIES. Nasty little women with nothing else to do but be cruel to people who have lost everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying what we've all been thinking about TM for almost 3 years!