Anonymous person paid entire vet bill for abused Philly cat.

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There was quite a bit of interest in the story of Riley the cat NBC 10 first reported Monday night and someone, we don't know who, decided to do something about the cat attack. It's going to take weeks for Riley the cat to recover from a senseless attack.

The 1-year-old Manx is well known on the 900 block of Pine Street, often posing in the window of his owner's antique store City Chateau. He is so popular that one customer made him his own MySpace page. The cat's trademark greeting is sticking his paw through the front door mail slot until Fourth of July weekend.


"The cat put his paw through the door slot and it was grabbed and someone pressed the mail slot down against the cat's foot and broke his foot," Joe Connolley, Riley's owner, said."Who would have the capacity to doing something like that to such a sweet animal," a neighbor said."Just low, down dirty, horrible. It's a horrible act," another neighbor said.Neighbors think some young boys drinking on the steps of the store may have been responsible."We had to put a bone plate, which is a stainless steal plate, and screws to hold the fracture in place," the veterinarian said.On Monday night, NBC 10 reported neighbors planned to help raise money to pay the $3,400 vet bill."My coworker just came into my office and said someone paid the vet bill," Connolley said.

Someone anonymously paid the entire vet bill Tuesday morning."To whoever did this, you know, I don't even know how I can return this kind gesture. It was way out of the realm of what I even expected someone to do. I can't thank you enough. Please in a few weeks come to our store and visit our kitty," Connolley said.Unfortunately, Riley injured his paw again while NBC 10 was visiting him at the vet's office and he's going to have to spend some more time at the hospital before he gets to go home.

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