And one more reason why cats may be smarter than dogs

.…or at least why cats have more refined taste than dogs:

Last night I rummaged around in my car for the can of Pounce I keep there after a very sweet cat came to my house and meowed loudly for attention. I rattled the can and called to her and she came running to me. But she wouldn't eat a single Pounce. And who could blame her - they were as hard as pebbles.

I found a can of cat food in the house which she ate and I soon forgot about the Pounce.

This morning as I walked out of the house with the dogs, I noticed that the can of Pounce had rolled down the driveway and landed by the curb. I assumed it was empty for any number of reasons.

Murphy noticed the can too and by the look on his face you would have thought he found the Holy Grail.

He wanted it badly but didn’t want to alert Mickey and Ruby to this newly discovered treasure, so he very quietly picked up the entire can (which I still assumed was empty) and nonchalantly carried it in his mouth.

I was afraid that carrying his trophy on our walk would distract him from the reason we were out on a walk, so I took it away from him and put it in my pocket, and was surprised to see that it was still full of Pounce pebbles. Which meant that neither the cat that was at my house nor any of the other cats that were out prowling last night lowered themselves to eat such nastiness.

When we got back to the house I tossed the Pounce pebbles into the bushes but several spilled on the ground right in front of Murphy and Mickey who inhaled them in a millisecond.

And if further proof was needed about the dignity of dogs (or lack thereof) - while all this was going on, Ruby was walking toward me across the lawn with a big dried turd in her mouth.



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