$1000 Reward for 14 yr. old American Eskimo Dog

The dog was stolen from Northeast Philadelphia and is desperately missed by his family. If you have any leads or information, please email Freeby1031@comcast.net or noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com. Please Help! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Do you know any of the circumstances? Dog got out and is gone? they suspect someone they know? Reason I ask is cause I know of an eskimo dog that turned up at PACCA but unfortunately he is no longer there. I think they aged him at 5-6 though.
do you know the dog's name?

No Animal Left Behind said...

Dear Anonymous: thanks for posting this info. Because I don't have a way to contact you, please email the owner with this info. Email me too so I have your email address. Do you work or volunteer for PACCA? If not, I'm happy o follow-up with them.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was not their dog.

No Animal Left Behind said...

What dog was not their dog? Are you referring to the Eskie that was at PACCA?