Update on Ginger & Freckles

They've been saved and are now being boarded at a vet's office. By late this afternoon we had identyified three different rescue organizations willing to take them in and place them in a great new home. And as of now it seems that they will become Canadian citizens.

HUGE thanks to the staff and volunteers at Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control who kept hope alive and kept them alive against many odds.

There are many other dogs and cats there in need of a loving home, others that are also indirect victims of Katrina. Or victims of indifference, cruelty, or one of the hundred other reasons that wonderful animals end up in shelters.

Please look to see if your new best friend is there waiting for you. And if you don't live close to Hammond, LA, you can save the life of one of the hundreds of thousands of other homeless dogs and cats in shelters all over the country. Look on Petfinder or 1-800-Save-a-Pet

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