Lil'Bit is home in New Orleans tonight with his family. Is he not one adorable and very joyful little dog with that smile on his face and spark in his eyes? Oh yea, hard to see his eyes but you know the spark is back. He looks so much happier here compared to the look on his poor little face in the two bottom photos.
The two photos below were the only surviving ones of Lil' Bit. Lisa had them on her desk at work - everything in their house was destroyed.
Thanks to the continuing determination and dedication of Micci, Lil' Bit is on his way back home to New Orleans with Lisa, his grateful owner. Lisa was forced to abandon Lil' Bit at a bus evacuation site along the interstate, after enduring one of the most tragic sagas of anyone I have ever talked to. And this was after being forced to relinquish her other pets en route to the bus evacuation site over a period of several days. Throughout all this, she and her fiancé clung to their young son and to Lil' Bit. They then waited several more days to board a bus. While waiting for a bus, due to the heat and the lack of food and water, they became frantic that their son could die there. When they were finally able to board a bus, they were forced to leave Lil' Bit on the ground.

Lisa's story and Lil' Bit's photo were included in the People Magazine article from a few months ago, as well as the current issue of Bark Magazine.
Micci is a volunteer who has maintained the website Katrina Poms and had hoped to get Lil' Bit home for Christmas. Last year. But Micci, Lisa and others were stymied by endless lies and manipulations from Biannca Kellogg who took Lil' Bit from Best Friends in Tylertown. She took several other cute little dogs too, so stay tuned.

Yesterday a Sheriff in Illinois went to the home of Biancca's friend Jeannie (to whom Biannca gave Lil' Bit) took possession of Lil' Bit and returned him to Lisa. Even after 15 months, Lil' Bit jumped out of the sheriff's arms when he saw Lisa and covered her with kisses.

Lil' Bit was not posted on Petfinder until December 11th - more than 3 months after he was rescued. And then all the information was stripped from the Petfinder record within 6 weeks even though the dog's owner and several volunteers were actively pursuing a reunion.

If you look in Lil' Bit's eyes in the photos below (taken in Illinois by Biancca) you can see how sad he was. He did not want to be there; he wanted to be with his family. And now, thanks to Micci and the Sheriff in Illinois who did his job, Lil' Bit is with his family forevermore.


Anonymous said...

Those people who took Lil Bit and Rocket, and all the others, should be banned from ever fostering animals. They are selfish and cruel. They shouldn't be let within 500 yards of a shelter. Let them find some other way to make themselves feel important. There is no shortage of other ways to make the world a better place without screwing up disaster victim's (human and animal) lives.

Friends of Bandit & Malvin said...

Thank you Micci for supporting Lisa and her family through this terrible ordeal.
Congratulations Lisa! Congratulations Lil' Bit!
Home again!!!! Reunited! It's all right now!

Anita R. said...

I'm very happy to hear such good news. Thank God that Officer did his job & SHAME on that Biannca!!!

FLDogLuvR said...

Hooray! They fought the law and the law won. A judge determined enough is enough and ordered the dog be returned because the family has been through so much already AND it was done that fast? What is going on with the rest of these cases, the judges' orders are ignored?? Now anxiously awaiting to see what other "little katrina" dogs this villian transported and has hidden for all these months. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED and thanks to you Anita for keeping us posted and up to date with all the issues which are so near and dear to our hearts.

Anita said...

Thanks go to Micci for her long- standing devotion to getting this little dog back home. The swift and right action on the part of the sheriff in Illinois does make one wonder what in the world is going on down there in Pinellas County, FL? The judge ruled that Master Tank and Nila are owned by and must be returned to the Coutures so what is the problem? And if those two insipid & deceitful Keystone Cops (pun intended) in Doylestown, PA had done their job, Rocket would have been home in June.

Snoutmamma said...

Hooray! Hooray!
Now to get Timmy and Queenie from Biannca.....don;t believe BF and their holistic VETS either. Biancca works for this vet who also owns a horse ranch in Michigan. Did any horses end up taken by unknown persons from LD? Yep.

Anonymous said...

Will Pam Bondi and the remaining holdouts in the Katrina Unethical Adopters Loser Hall of Shame be next to hear the police knocking at their door? Only time will tell!!

Patty said...

This is such great news! A huge thank you to all who helped. Micci, you totally rock!

Patty from SV

Diane said...

Wow, some of the comments here are just unbelievable. So the rescue volunteers who took these little lost desperate souls after they had been abandoned by their owners in almost unsurvivable conditions, are "selfish and cruel" and shouldn't be allowed near shelters, and only trying to "make themselves feel important"?

Newsflash for the clueless -- if it hadn't been for so many of us volunteers who opened our hearts, our homes, and our pocket books to these dear little victims -- MOST OF THEM WOULD BE DEAD!

And guess what, I have EIGHT of the Katrina victims in my home and NOT ONE of the former family members are even bothering to look for them or ask about what could have happened to them! And I have looked for any posting about them all over the net since they have been rescued.

Two of the dear little souls required thousand of dollars of medical care, and constant nursing and lived on the edge between life and death for months -- they are now healthy, much LOVED, and well taken care of, and will be for the rest of their lives. But then, I guess, I am just another one of those selfish, cruel, attention seeking bitches who did it all for attention. Get a clue.

Anita said...

Dear Diane / hero in your own mind:

I'm not going to waste time or energy responding to your inane accusations and ignorance that are so 2005.

But I do thoroughly enjoy your claim to have "EIGHT of the Katrina victims in my home and NOT ONE of the former family members are even bothering to look for them or ask about what could have happened to them"!

Please feel free to do one of the following:

a) Post a comment here with the 8 Petfinder numbers for the 8 FOUND reports that you filed.

b) If you did not post your furry victims on Petfinder, then feel free to email me their photos along with all the info about them including where they were rescued from and I will bet you $200 to be donated to the animal org. of your choice that I will find the owner of at least one of the eight.

If you did not post them on Petfinder, and choose to not send photos and info, then all 8 are considered stolen animals which makes you a thief.

p.s. Why is it that "complaining" about how many hundreds or thousands of dollars spent to treat these Katrina animals is so common? That is only done by those of you with something to hide, those who have not acted in a moral or ethical way. Please tell us who held the gun to your head and ordered you to take 8 oets home with you? Or to take even one of them home with you?

Sorry, but you sound like a thief and hoarder to me.

Have a nice day :)

Diane said...

You really are just a hatefilled embittered aging old woman aren't you, Anita? It shows in everyone of your posts. If it wouldn't be for those that rescue and foster, who would you inflict your hate and disdain on then? Would your life be empty?

Hoarder? I have been rescuing and fostering dogs and cats for over 30 years. People who are interested in adoption go through a lengthy adoption process, including background checks and home visits. Yet in your demented twisted mind, those that rescue and foster animals are "thieves and hoarders".

It really is none of your business, but I know one thing, not one of my "family members" would be dumped along side the road as I got on a bus to save my own ass ass -- neither would any of my "family members" be locked in an attic with a few days of food and water as I road off into the sunset in the face of an impending disaster.

There are those, like Fay Bourg, who did everything possible to keep her family member with her, and then there are those who could only think about getting their own asses to safety and left their furry family members behind to try and survive on their own, and have never looked back to this day as to their fate.

So before you shoot of your ignorant all emcompassing mouth, perhaps you should educate yourself, before you start trying to exducate others.

I really should set up a domain and start a site that exposing the mentality of people like you.

Try and have a nice life, Anita. I don't envy being you -- I really do pity you though. It is kind of scarey, and sad, knowing there are people like you in it though, but I guess it takes all kinds.


PS: And by the way, perhaps I will send you a list of the little souls so you can track down their owners, where I have failed to be able to do so over all this time. If you find the concerned owner who had little Mickey, let me know as I would like to find the person so I may turn them into the proper authorities for the abuse this poor little darling has suffered though out his life (X-Rays revealing most of his bones being broken at one time or the other during his lifetime), and I also would like to take the opportunity to slap them silly for all the scars from cigarette burns all over his little body. So you go ahead and find Mickey's former "family members" for me, Anita, I would love nothing better than to get my hands on them.

Diane said...

After thinking about it, I changed my mind -- I will leave it up to the legitimate organizations to continue to search for the owners. Turning them over to you, or having you get your gnarled claws on them in any way or manor, could be considered abuse.

Look for that website I mentioned setting up. I'll even send you a link once it is up and running! TA TA, Anita -- you may now go off at the mouth like a banshee and carry on with your campaign of hate against those that rescue and foster abused, lost and abandoned little furbabies. Knock yourself out.


sandy99 said...

Anita, this person will never answer you because her pets were never posted and she will never admit to her, or the group she accepted the animals from, to having violated a precondition of their being removed from the state.

Some of these people have a real martyr complex. And, judging by the way they whine about veterinary bills, it is obvious they've never forked out any significant sums of money on an animal before.

Most of us do it willingly and don't go around carping about it.
It's so cheap and sleazy to whine about paying vet bills for an animal you purportedly love. Are you one of these people who loves their pets like their children and you would NEVER leave them behind? Do you have children? Do you complain to anyone who will listen about how much their clothes cost and their dentist bills and what a drag it is to have to pay money to keep them alive? Pretty tacky.

If the vet bills were such a hardship for you, you should have tried harder to find the animals' owners, or never bothered in the first place.

sandy99 said...

One thing that Diane fails to take into account is that some pets with signs of abuse (scars and broken bones) were *already* rescues and in homes with loving owners right up until the levees broke.

It's not necessarily the case with all of them, but several people looking for their pets have said that they are going to be blamed for a situation they rescued their animal FROM.

Certainly if an animal shows signs of abuse, it is reasonable to challenge the owner (should they show up) and ask for an explanation.

It is illogical to refuse to try to find the owners of any of the animals because of some questionable cases.

Anonymous said...

To Diane. If you weren't so caught up in being vitriolic and just plain mean, perhaps you could have a life. Perhaps if you stop posting your "nastygrams" you could go get one. Almost 18 months after Katrina, things are still a mess on the gulf coast and animals are still living on the streets...do you even care that people, not to mention animals, are still dying from the after effects? No, I suspect not, since that would take empathy, which you sadly lack. What a waste.