St. Bernard Parish deputies Minton and England indicted by Grand Jury

Thank you Mimi Hunley and Julie Cullen. Thank you members of the Grand Jury for coming to the correct conclusion.

According to Mimi Hunley, Assistant State Attorney General, Louisiana:

" The Grand Jury in St. Bernard Parish on Wednesday indicted former Deputy Mike Minton and presently employed Deputy Chip England for aggravated cruelty to animals related to the street shootings after Katrina. This is a felony and was the most serious of all the crimes they could have indicted them for. AAG Julie Cullen and I handled the presentation. We are still working on the school shootings.

Mimi Hunley
Assistant Attorney General Criminal Division "

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Anita R. said...

Very relieved to see that justice is being done here. I would like to see the maximum sentence here. You can't unring the bell, but at least make them pay to the fullest extent the law allows.