To the evil person who threw this dog out of the car...

Here is one more dog "adopted" after Katrina and later discarded, disposed of, gotten rid of....thrown out of a car by her grateful, loving new owners.

To the person who did this heinous act - may you rot in hell. I bet that you must have felt like quite the armchair hero for "adopting" a Katrina pit. But you're nothing but a pathetic loser. Loser for all the obvious reasons and loser because someone else will adopt this sweet dog and give her all the love she deserves for the rest of her life, and be rewarded 1000X over.

In fact I want to adopt her even though I live far away from this shelter. She has stolen my heart. How can anyone look at those eyes and do what you did to her? Please don't let me find out that you did that with your kids in the car.

And to all the rest of you who adopted a Katrina dog - because none of the other 236752 available dogs at shelters all over the country were quite right - when you realize that your Katrina dog pees on the carpet and chews up expensive Italian leather shoes and barks at absolutely nothing when you're trying to watch The Sopranos and throws up great big gobs of grass pate on the couch just like all dogs, P-L-E-A-S-E have the compassion take it to a no-kill shelter and be honest about why you no longer want to keep it. Do Not throw it out of your car.

And this sweetheart, after all she's been through, still likes to ride in cars. Amazing. Some dogs have more humanity than the humans who own them.

Notes: Munchkin is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and has been through a lot. She is a mellow quiet gal who is still adjusting from being in the hurricane. She was adopted from the shelter previously but her owners dumped her out of their vehicle and drove off. Thankfully she was picked up by a good samaritan. She would do best as the only dog or with a non dominant male dog. She is very gentle, loves to ride in the car, loves to lay on the couch and loves treats. She needs a stable home where she will get a lot of love and attention.

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Sharon said...

I am appalled at the behavior of some people... I bet they "adopted" this wonderful dog for the elitist ego buzz. They get to tell all of their friends.. but then when the friends ask.." where is the dog"? I wonder what excuse they will come up with.

By the way, Ive started this new message board/blog/web site just for people like that.