Revisiting Nahnook

Many people have asked me if Nahnook was ever returned to her owner. The answer is no, not yet. This was originally posted here on January 16th but it seems like a good time to bump it back up to the top. I deleted a few things about Maria, Nahnook's owner, that are not relevant now.

We tried to resolve this quietly and privately but Elizabeth (who is the administrator of the website www.snowballschance.org) is refusing to return Nahnook to her owner after she and the owner met at a half-way point two weeks ago. The owner of Nahnook spent some time playing with her dog but then Elizabeth/Emily declared that it wasn't her dog and took the dog and drove away.

This comes directly from www.snowballschance.org:
This organization will aide [sic] in re-uniting pets with their loved ones [sic] Animals "taken" from their families, missing, or forced to abandon & [sic] Displaced in shelters or foster homes [sic]

Maria, Nahnook's owner has been in Intensive Care for over a week and we just learned will need to remain in the hospital longer. Like most others, Maria and her husband lost everything and are waiting to get their FEMA trailer to return to New Orleans. They are living temporarily in Mississippi although she is in a New Orleans hospital.

The photo below is the only picture that Maria has of Nahnook, saved on her cell phone.

The horribly manipulated photo below is the one that Elizabeth posted on Petfinder in December after she had been "fostering" the dog for three months. Elizabeth erased all the color from Nahnook's eyes because in her mind, the owner had one chance to come up with the right answer about which eye is blue and which brown without being told which perspective the answer was to be based on (looking at the dog or the dog's right/left)

The photo below is of Nahnook badly Photoshopped to look like it is two different dogs. Elizabeth copied the photo of Nahnook (the one from the owner's cell phone) and a photo she took of Nahnook on to a black background and then blacked out part of Nahnook's muzzle in the top photo and whited out an area on the face, just above the (dog's) right eye.

The photo below is another one that Elizabeth posted to "prove" that it is not Nahnook. It is obvious that this eyes of this photo have been manipulated/altered in some way.


MeekoMommy said...

Okay, I have to say, with my untrained eye that the picture of Nahnook on the left where it looks like his head is placed on the body of a smaller dog isn't too accurate. If you look closely, the head of the smaller, spotted dog is actually pointing up towards the top left corner. Nahnook's head is actually just above the tail of the dog and you can see Nahnook's rearend through the arms of the person holding his head.

The troubling part of the two pictures side by side, is the when you increase the size of the pictures, the eyes have been totally doctored and you can see the erasure pixels. BAD, BAD DOCTORING JOB.... ELIZABETH, would it be????

This infuriates me... bring me a petition to sign and I'd be happy to sign it... !!!!!

SV in CA

Shirley said...

I can't believe that this is the same woman whose compassion was so aroused at the callous way that Snowball was yanked from its owner that she set up a special website to try to find and reunite Snowball with his owner.

Can she not see that she has become that same callous person at the bus that she so despised?

Wake up lady, you have lost your humanity and also have lost sight of what you set out to do....reunite pets with their owners.

How will you live with yourself when you look at Nahnook and realize the heartbreak you are causing, not only for the owner but for Nahnook! Did he not respond to his owner...did you not see new found joy in his face?

Please reconsider and give Nahnook back to his rightful owner...it is the only decent thing to do.

arrghh said...

To meekomommy: the picture isn't the head placed on another dog's body, it's two dogs standing next to each other. Yes the eyes were doctored ON PURPOSE, so that the real owner would be able to identify which eye was which color, which this alleged owner did NOT. To Shirley, first of all, wake up and realize Nahnook is a female. Second, no, she did not respond to her owner, and no there was not newfound joy in her face, just casual interest and furthermore, she was aggressive to the other dog, Neeko, who was the real Nahnook's mate. Despite all the people involved, the DOGS told the real story: Alaska is NOT Nahnook. Very sorry for Lynn, very sorry for Alaska's real owner, very sorry for Elizabeth.

NewMexico123 said...

Elizabeth is a thief and derserves to be in jail! She has admitted she entered New Orleans illegally, removed multiple dogs illegally, did not post Nanook on petfinder until Dec 4th. Never tried to find the owner of Nahnook.

After Lynn and Marie confirmed it was Nahnook, Elizabeth went into petfinder and removed all contact information that would allow her to be traced. So as not to have to give this dog back to her rightfull owner.

We have had people capturing the petfinder listings (all of them) every week just in case something like this came up.

Elizabeth will return Nahnook to her owner Marie.

No need for anyone to feel sorry for Elizabeth. she has created her own nightmare and will pay the consequences for her actions.
If you want to play "animal rescuer" you have to play by the rules.

khbdab said...

Bad bad photo doctoring. I am astounded at the lenghts this woman has gone to in order to not reunite Nanook with his rightful owner. All I can say is, what goes around comes around. Karma has a way of coming back to bite you.

Richlynn said...

I have been sitting back, biding my time, copying emails, sorting posts, copying forums before they were password protected, and I am armed with so much damming information, E won't know what hit her. I started working with Best Friends when they had the Event in New Orleans for the weekend of Dec 16-18. They needed people with laptops to help our citizens enter their pet information into Petfinders. I spent the entire 3 days, and then some, until every person that came to the event had their pet logged in. We were concerned that noone would come, well, we were wrong. 796 pet applications were filled out and the people had to wait 2 hours just to get to me with the laptop, and I only heard of 2 dissatisfied people that the wait was too long. These people love their animals, none of us were prepared to be away from home for more than 3 days. And what ensued after Katrina was devastating to the people who stayed behind, and having to leave your pets behind is the most heartbreaking thought I could have at that time. My New Year's resolution was to never judge people until I heard both sides of the story. I cried with the owners who sat down across a narrow table from me, held their hands, listened to why they had to leave their pets, and where they were last seen. To this day, I cry thinking of them. Marialaina Horton (Maria to me, Laina to others, she doesn't mind either) was one of the applicants that sat down and said I have 2 pictures of my Siberian Huskies, and that's all I have left of my home. And that is how I met Maria. What E has done is despicable, and it does go beyond her own mission statement of returning pets to their owners. I have owned/loved/exhibited/bred/rescued Siberian Huskies for 25 years. I know my breed like the back of my hand. I can put my hands on any of my Siberians, blindfolded and tell you who they are. I can tell you who is barking before I see them. I can put my hands on a Siberian and tell you how it will move when trotting. And E had the audacity to wait until the last hour, before meeting Maria with her dog, to begin her crusade of disproving the validity of Maria's claim. You can go to nola.com and read what I have told E. She thinks I'm not involved, that I don't care about what has happened. I've only been biding my time. When she learns of what has transpired since January 6, when she caused the downfall of Maria Horton's health, to the point that the stress of having to walk away from your pet of nearly 5 years, contributed to an allergic reaction that has put her into ICU for a week, she will regret ever uttering the name Alaska. Maria came very close to being admitted to a burn unit, to debride the dead tissue from her entire body, even her mouth, and yes, stress does contribute to this syndrome. E will regret the day she got the email from me because I recognized Nahnook's head, muzzle, ears, from that pixelated photo, and then her feeble attempts to manipulate the photo by Photoshop. I have other cases to work beside's Nahnook, and I will not rest until she is home again, even though it will be a FEMA trailer, she will still be home again. They own a huge home and backyard one block away from the levee breach from Lake Ponchartrain. Maria and Wilbert had 7 mins. to get into their attic, with their 2 Siberians, and then chop a hole in their roof to escape to there. They stayed 3 days and 2 nights in their attic and roof, with 2 Siberians, their struggle to stay alive will not go in vain.
E, we're coming to get Nahnook, not Alaska.

Pat said...

I can believe it. I registered at Snowball's chance but quickly learned it was just a vanity site for a few small people.

Go get Nahnook, Rich and return him to Maria where she belongs.

Anita said...

The post from "arrghh" is from Elizabeth/Emily. Whether or not Nahnook responded to her owner is irrevelant for several reasons:
1. It has been found with many Katrina dogs that have been reunited after several months that they don't respond to their owners the same way they did when their owners would come home from work at the end of the day, for example. At first they act confused and not too sure - often going back and forth between the foster and their owner. Then, after 20-60 minutes it's as if a lightbulb goes off in their brains and they have an epiphany and then go crazy, remembering their owner very very well.

2. The only people present at the bogus "reunion" were Elizabth and Nahnook's owners. No one else. So Elizabeth/Emily can say whatever she wants and there is no one to dispute it. Other than Elizabeth's/Emily's daddy who so far has stayed out of all this.

3. As richlynn has posted (who has been a Husky breeder for 25+ years) it was not at all unusual for Nahnook to show some agression to the other dog. This is not unusual in Huskies or any two dogs being reunited after a separation of many months, especially one that was proceded by enormous trauma and stress. If my two dogs were reunited after a separation, they would not hug and kiss. They would nip and growl yet they are curled up together on the couch right now. And when naptime is over, they will play together by nipping and growling - tails wagging and a lot of noise.

Anonymous said...

did you ever think that you could be wrong?

blackcat said...

The bad boy gets the attention .the good boy doesnt... some people will do anything to get attention. Even set up a hideously overpriced "web site" ( message board ) to pretend ..uh..what? Rip off people who have been obliterated and are now destitute, searching for not only family, but pets too?
This person is a disgrace

Anita said...

Do I ever think I could be wrong? No, but I know that I am wrong about things all the time. Let's see..I was wrong thinking that the American people could possibly re-elect George Bush. Don't even get me going about electing him the first time. I was wrong thinking that the people of New Orleans could possibly re-elect Mayor Nagin (WTF)? I was wrong back in the 90's when a when a friend suggested that I buy cheap stock in something called Sun Microsystems and I didn't. When I was pregnant and convinced I was going to have a girl, well I was wrong about that. And I was very wrong thinking that once owners found their lost/ missing pets that had been rescued after Katrina (with or without our help) that they would be reunited. Never in my wildlest dreams last fall could I have imagined people filing lawsuits to get back their own pets. And never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that many of those people who have a Katrina evacuee's pet in their possession, that they are refusing to return, would attack the owners of the pets as well as those of us who have been trying to help. This has become another ugly chapter for the human race. I have a strong belief in treating others the way I want to be treated (call it The Golden Rule, Karma, whatever) which is one of the factors that allows me to continue this after 11 very long months.
What goes around, comes around...seen it happen so many times.

Did I answer your question?

Anonymous said...

No actually you did not

investigate the facts in this case---do not take someones word

blow up the photo of nahnook please

Anonymous said...

and Emily?--where did that info come from? Elizabeth has never been anyone than Elizabeth--suggest you research before you malign

Anonymous said...

Surely you, with your stealth hat on, would not advocate turning over a dog whose identity is unclear? May I suggest you spend the money to blow up the dog's right eye? If it is proven to be blue, then you have to find someone else to attack--if it is brown, then we have a case

thank you --but how much info have you posted based on someone feeding you? and how many facts did you personally check before posting?

I will bet this will not be posted (lol)

Anita said...

Oh, silly me, I just remembered another thing I was wrong about, mentioned in the above comment. The American people did not elect George Bush, they elected Al Gore (who won the Popular Vote). I stand corrected.

Sharon said...

Like the Brit tabloid said on its cover after the selection of george bush:
"how could 54 million people be so stupid"?
The selection seems to have set the selfish tone of the country. Or, could that be the A**HOLE tone of the country?

sandy99 said...

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