Recognize these adopted dogs?

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in Texas has adopted out these Katrina dogs.

ya gotta love the moving caption on their website:
Please come adopt them so we can rescue more.

And if you don't remember seeing any of them listed on Petfinder, guess what?

They weren't!

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Avivah said...

That's horrible. It says on the animalrescueneworleans.com that they must be listed on petfinder. They are supposed to be working to get them back to their parents, not adopting them off immediately "so they can go rescue more"---whatever that is supposed to mean. What an outrage. I think this needs to be reported. Can you imagine being the parent of one of these babies, and finding out after months and months of heartbreak that your baby was alive, that someone else had "adopted" them and they hadn't even attempted to find you?