$1000 Reward for Safe Return of Snoop

This photo was taken two years ago when he had just been clipped down

He was taken from his yard at

7634 Mercier St
. New Orleans East

on or around December 5th

Snoop survived 5 weeks after Hurricane Katrina. When his owners returned they were overjoyed to find him waiting for them at his flooded house. On December 5th, Mr. L was at the house, gutting and cleaning. He left Snoop in the backyard for 20 minutes to go to Home Depot. When he returned Snoop was gone. He was picked up by someone in a white van.

Snoop is a 13 year old lab/chow mix. His fur is long and curly; black with red hues. His ears are floppy and reddish/brown in color. He has white on his chin. One or two of his teeth are chipped. His normal weight is around 75 lbs. He was wearing a red, white & blue flea collar and a tan or brown collar. He’s very friendly and his elderly owners are grieving.

Email noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com with any info.

Copies of this poster are available by request in MicrosoftWord or Adobe PDF

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