Seeking Owners for these Rescued Dogs

The dogs featured in this above posts (which will be updated as often as needed) were rescued and are being sheltered or fostered by people who are not searching for the owners. No Animal Left Behind and Stealth Volunteers are working to reunite these and other Katrina pets with their owners. While there are some pets ( a small percentage) who should not be reunited with their New Orleans owners (documented cases of abuse or neglect), we believe that the great majority of pet owners deserve to have their pets returned to them regardless of whether or not they were heartworm positive or spayed/neutered. Please check back often to offer any help you can. Please also send info and photos of other rescued Katrina pets whose owners are not being searched for to noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com
Check katrinaretrievers.blogspot.com for found goldens and labs seeking owners.

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