REUNION: Bikini and Vallie found

...all four now reunited!

(Bikini & Muddy reunion photo)

Steve found Vallie last week in an abandoned house not far from where she, Domino, Muddy and Bikini were left with the dog-sitter.
I just learned that Bikini was rescued
by a wonderful woman named Amy, taken away from a homeless man who was trying to use her as pit-bull bait Here is the email from Bikini's guardian: Yes it is true, we got Bikini back today, this morning!! The best possible Christmas gift ever, really. Yesterday Corky received an email from Dog Detective saying there was a possible match, usually these are imperfect and not even the same breed so we don't tend to put much hope into them but yesterday it happen to really be her. Apparently after the storm she got up to Canal street and a bum picked her up to use as bait to antagonize his three pit bulls, I guess to just pass the time after the strom. An angel of a lady, Amy, saw him and took Bikini away as fast as she could. Then she pampered and loved our little dogger, weekly groomings, tons of treats, new collar and all her shots, honestly this was really the kindest woman I have ever encountered- other that all of you guys that would so hard to help us find both Mud and Nini. We are so happy, I can't stop playing with them and the two dogs follow us from room to room now. Muddy goes to work and everywhere else with Corky these days so I am happy to have Bikini as my sidekick from now on. We are so happy, I can't even begin to explain. I feel like we have recovered from the Storm! Thank you, thank you, all of you. Karma must at work here as on Monday I volunteered to get some of the last strayed caught and shipped up to a new facility in Tylertown, Best Friends. Merry Merry Christmas to all of you. Tavi


Texanonthemove said...

Anita, thank you for bringing us the joyus news about Bikini's being found! What a relief that they are all reunited again....it has been a long and tearful journey, for both the owners and their pets, but now it is one of great joy not sadness! Thank you to everyone for making this happen and let's keep up the good work to reunite many, many more pets and their owners!

KittyCatCorral said...

Good news.

I hope that charges will be pursued against that man, for animal abuse.