Dottie has been found...

but Charlie is still missing.

At the end of the day there are many animals on my mind; Candy, Oscar & TJ, Chelsea, Dutchess, Egraine, the four small dogs that were left behind in a trailer in Empire, LA, and many more. But a few I think about all the time: Clearview, Mary's 12 year old black lab mix who looks like an angel; Lazarus, Kim's sweet and beautiful orange tabby, and Charlie & Dottie.

As the family was preparing to evacuate, the dogs sensing the danger of the approaching hurricane, ran away. The family had no choice but to leave without them. Charlie was spotted by a neighbor last week, so we are hopeful that he will soon be found. He is a male Chow mix, 2 1/2 years old with a soft light-medium brown coat. He has a purple tongue, curled tail and before Katrina weighed around 90 lbs. The family lived in Buras, Plaquemines Parish. If anyone reading this will be in that area soon or knows anyone who will be, please look for Charlie so he can be reunited with his big sister Dottie and the rest of the family who misses him so much.

There weren’t many (if any) rescuers working in that area, so if anyone can get there to search for animals wandering around, please do so. Bring food and drinking water. If there are animals you see but can’t get, try to take a picture and write down all the information you can. If you email me the pictures I’ll get them posted.

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