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No Animal Left Behind

Please call or write if you are searching for a lost or missing pet and would like assistance, support and/or information.

Toll-Free Number:

Please read the previous post:Tips & Suggestions for Finding Your Pet

Email me if you want an updated list of all shelters that have taken Katrina pets.

If you FOUND a pet and need help locating the owner, a very good list of tips and suggestions have been compiled and can be foun at: http://www.KatrinaSanAntonio.com

If you are fostering an animal and would like help locating its owner, please send an email to: noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com and provide a complete description as well as a good contact number and we will do our best to have someone call you.

Here are some additional things to consider:
Collars were removed from most pets at Lamar Dixon for a variety of (mostly stupid) reasons. Unfortunately when these collars were removed, the information on the tags was also removed.

Many pets were rescued by independent rescuers and did not go through Lamar Dixon. Many of these groups have their own websites which I will do my best to list here as I learn of them. Tonight I traced a dog who was rescued in New Orleans to an animal hospital in Mississippi to a shelter in Maryland and from there to a foster home. The good news is that this dog is safe and healthy and while I hope it is the one I've been looking for, at least it is hopefully one that someone is looking for.

Additional websites to check for your pet:

(these are the pictures of the animals that are being fostered by the Humane Society of Calvert County. The phone number for the shelter contact person is: 301-904-5528; the number for the HSCC is 410-257-4908 - expect to get voice mail only.


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