Remember Pam Bondi ?

She was a county prosecutor in Florida who refused to return Master Tank, a Katrina dog, to his family.

She was the LAWYER who lied, manipulated, and distorted facts even when presented with the truth/ evidence, causing Tank's family an extraordinary amount of time, expense and emotional energy to get their dogs back.

She was the self-proclaimed "dog lover" who ranted and raved that Tank's family didn't take care of him.....yet, in spite of all the time she had him, SHE NEVER HAD HIM NEUTERED.

She returned Master Tank INTACT to his family. Hmmm...did she plan to breed him or was she just "irresponsible" and a "bad dog owner?"
                              (see Tank's cojones in photo below)
           (photo of Nila, Sandy and Master Tank was taken the day Nila and Tank were reunited with their family)

She was the LAWYER who knew that the law was very clear about ownership of Master Tank (and all other Katrina dogs). She knew that he was the legal property of his Louisiana family who did not abandon him.

She knew that according to the LAW, pets are considered property and owners of lost or stolen property have three years to reclaim their property, by legal action if necessary.

She knew or should have known the law yet distorted the facts to her own self-serving ends.

Even after she returned Tank, she continued to lie, claiming that she was given "visitation" rights with Tank, and a year later, when she bought a St. Bernard puppy from a breeder in CA, she lied again by claiming that she had stayed in touch with the family in Louisiana.


She NEVER admitted to making a mistake or apologize to the family. Not even to the children.



FLDogLuvr said...

And Once Again NALB, thanks for telling it like it was/is with "no spin". Amazing how this story is "turning around" to bite Blondi AND hopefully keep her kind out of the political arena. Can't believe people are so ignorant of who/what Blondi's really like...and would believe the lies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's do remember that nasty wench Pam Bondi. And guess what? That POS is running for Attorney General of the State of Florida!!!! She must be stopped!

Sandra Bee said...

People like Pam Bondi are the ones who give rise to all the bad 'lawyer jokes' that are out there. (Such as "What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?" "A good start")Which is a shame, because there are good lawyers out there who do the right thing and conduct themselves ethically, never in search of the limelight. I hope that Pam gets everything she has coming to her. Karma-wise, that is.