Think an Invisible Fence will protect your dog?

Small grey/black dog with a cream undercoat. Sharp nose, prick ears, stick-like legs wearing a collar with tags, and an electronic collar. he may or may not be with a beagle. 

Very lovable, friendly guy. Spotty is all black, hair on very back end has red tint. His name comes from the spots on his tongue. We have an invisible fence, but he managed to slip out without his collar, so he has no id. REWARD OFFERED!! Family is distraught without him. 

Large Yorkie, black and tan, was wearing a Petsafe fence collar. Lost in the early AM hours of 12/3 (12:05am). Please provide any information you can

Young altered male approxiemetly 1 year old, black with light tan markings and white and black spot splash on chest, very interesting makings and unusual fur maybe part Shar Pei? About 30 - 35lbs house trained and very friendly, had on a tattered red invisible fence collar. 

There is a black and brown dog, medium length hair, possibly lab mix is at the corner of ___Ferry Roads in ____. Very timid, I can not get near him/her. I think "he" is wearing an electric fence collar but can not get close enough to check. 

Found adult German Shepard, classic color tan, brown black. Wearing red electric fence collar. Found at exit 78 & I70. 

We are looking for our 3 year Siberian Husky. He’s been missing since October 18, 2008. He’s black and white, has brown eyes. When we last seen him he had his invisible fence collar on. He’s about 65 pounds. He loves to be loved, but can be a little aggressive if he doesn’t know you. Any information, please contact me at. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. 

Max is a large black and white pit bull type mix dog. He got out of our fence on 11/29/08 when the meter reader left the gate unlatched. He has on a red nylon coller with an electrical transmitter attached and he is chipped although I think the chip is registered to a rescue group in AR. 

Male dog, white with dark spots lost 12-13-08 from ____ Ky area. He is wearing a red wireless fence collar. Has docked tail. Answers to "blue"

Large Golden Retreiver mix looks like a golden Lab. Very sweet dog. Left electric dog fence, should still have an electric fence collar on. He also has a tattoo in his ear showing that he was neutered and is tattooed on his belly from the SPCA. 

Two dogs lost Tues. Dec 9th around 5:00 pm by Blakely Dr. Both are wearing invisible fence collars. Reward.

Large,friendly, light gold in color. Had an electric dog fence collar on. Missing since Dec. 8, 2008

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