Send Shoes to Haiti

Shoes 2 Share was collecting and sending shoes to Haiti long before the earthquake. If you live in or near Delaware; Cecil County, MD, South Jersey or metro-Philly, please consider collecting shoes from your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors and dropping them off at one of the locations on their website.

SHOES 2 SHARE is a grassroots, charitable ministry with a passion to serve.  We seek to make life more comfortable around the world, for children & their families, through the donations of “new & like new shoes.”  We have a growing beneficiary list that includes international & domestic programs who receive these shoes so individuals are able to participate in school, church, sports, work, or just everyday protection of the foot.  Our mission is continually spurred forward when the shoes find a new home and return a huge smile of thanks!  This joyful experience increases our heart for service and is extended by walking with other organizations to leave footprints of opportunities in social & economic development to those in great need.    

Our ministry was founded during the adoption of our two youngest children from the country of Haiti, an island located in the Caribbean. It's the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere located just an hour plane ride from US soil.  Haiti's people, especially the children, are trapped in a cycle of poverty that has plagued the country for generations.  It was during the adoption process, while traveling back & forth for a year and then living in Haiti for three months that allowed us to really witness the extreme sufferings & daily plight of the children.  Carrying shoe filled suitcases on trips, to provide quality footwear for these children, became a calling and that is where SHOES 2 SHARE started it's humble beginnings.  It's a powerful gift that something so simple makes a world of difference in the daily life of little ones & their families.  It is our hope and prayer to continually increase these shoe distributions, with each passing year, as the S2S family continues to grow!

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